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May 29, 2002: SFSU Blog Burst

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(Updated June 21, 2002)

On May 7, we saw a blatant example of how far our campuses had fallen, courtesy of the near-riot at SFSU. While a pro-Palestinian crowd swarmed pro-Israel rally members, used physical violence, and shouted "Get out or we will kill you" and "Hitler did not finish the job," administration officials on the scene did nothing. For those who want a refresher, Glenn Reynolds of has the details.

Today will be totally dedicated to the Blog Burst. Many bloggers have lined up with Winds of Change, commenting on shared new materials and adding their own perspective on the SFSU situation. Despite Blogger's ongoing problems last night and today, participants include:

SFSU Blog Burst Index: Parting Bursts

Just to keep the record complete, here are the follow-up posts that have come to my attention...

  • My turn. To use a Chris Matthews term, "Now, Let Me Tell You What I Realy Think!" On June 10, I also posted a follow-up and some scoops.

  • "Still Mo'SFSU" (Armed Liberal, June 02) says: "if the facts are what they appear to be, this is beyond absurd... there is a wide gulf between passionate, even heated speech... and threatened and actual violence.... It frightens me a bit that this distinction is somehow not clear to the eminient administrators of the University."

  • In "Sometimes Itís Just A Bad Day To Be A Liberal" Armed Liberal wades in again on June 5 to take down Mike Golby, a South African blogger upset by the Blog Burst. Armed Liberal doesn't have a lot of sympathy.
  • Mac's Temporary Blog (of Wall Street Journal fame), gives an update of the situation as of June 15. It gets even more disturbing.

    SFSU Blog Burst Index: May 31, 2002

    The natural process of debate and discussion has kept the Blog Burst rolling into another day.

    Based on the letter Meryl just posted, they'll need it.

    SFSU Blog Burst Index: May 30, 2002

    Blogger's many technical difficulties yesterday, and the natural process of debate and discussion, have kept the Blog Burst rolling into another day.

    Wall Street Journal "Best of the Web" Today. #3 on Blogdex. Top 20 on Daypop. Instapundit. The mighty Blog Burst rolls on....

    SFSU Blog Burst Index: May 29, 2002

    Good job, everyone!

    More Sources

    Meryl Yourish's special section of SFSU-related posts will really deepen your understanding of this issue.

    The Winds of Change SFSU Action Plan.

    There is also an SFSU Yahoo Group with public access to its file archives, pictures, and posts. This is a useful source for further research, as it includes media reports, additional commentary from people who were there, etc. Many of these materials formed the basis of our Blog Burst posts.

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