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That's 9:00 AM at Camp Pendleton, in Oceanside CA

I know I keep bringing this up, but it's really 'good news' and so great to post on a Saturday. We'll need you on Wednesday, Jan. 21st... because here's what Jim Hake of has managed to get together for the Marines to bring with them to Iraq!! * About $50,000 raised * In kind contributions, price reductions and goods donations of ~$150,000 With that $50,000 or so we've bought: * 15,000 (2 tons) imprinted frisbees * Supplies for 10,000 school supply bags, incl 10,000 each of: - imprinted tote bags - box of 12 pencils - bag of 10 ballpoint pens - pack of 10 colored markers - wirebound notebook * 4 pallets of medical supplies * More med. equipment and supplies for 200 damn nice kits/packages for clinics and doctors * 800 duffel type travel bags for Iraqi police and medical personnel Folks, we'll need enough people to assemble and pack 10,000 supply bags!! Bring a friend...


So, uh, if we just show up unannounced they're gonna let us on base?

I e-mailed Jim Hake on midday Friday saying that I wanted to volunteer, but I haven't heard back from him.

Is there someone who's actually organizing this thing & making a list of names? Is there a point of contact at Pendleton that you know of?

I would love to help out & in fact have 4 boxes of school supplies that I want to donate. But I would hate to get up at 5 AM & drive all the way down to Pendleton only to be told I can't get on base b/c nobody knows who the heck I am, security rules (understandable these days), etc.


Well, I just talked to Fox News, and they'll be there, so if they don't let us on base we'll be embarassed in public.

I'm leaving LA at 5:00 as well. Contact me at the email address above and I'll explain a bit more.


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