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It's All About Me ... (literally)


Norm Geras has for some inexplicable reason decided to put up my profile, meaning I'm offically a blogger now. More than you ever wanted to know!


So what were you before, a ghost in the machine?

>> More than you ever wanted to know

> And finally I used to think that the Stones
> were better than the Who.

Ahhh, this just goes to show that some people have farther to do than others!!! :-)

Well, obviously, since you have become a cat-blogger, you have arrived. :)

I was hoping for some more information on Armed Liberal's specific armament.

You know, tonnage, payloads, range, and whether any of it is under IAEA seal.

Glen - does this mean I have to confess to the time I forgot the combination to the big gun safe?


Just let me know when you open that off-road motorcycling school for wayward supermodels in Baja California...

I suppose non-wayward supermodels would be able to find the road properly in the first place.

Glen Wishard, didn't you see Armed Liberal's blogging attire ?

And I think the "fitted t-shirt" must be in deference to A.L. being an emo-fan. :)

Jinderella has a damn long memory...


Doode, the Stones are totally better than The Who.

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