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More Jewish Reggae Stars?!?


A little over a year ago, Winds ran a piece about Sean Paul Henriques, a Jamaican Jew who picked up 2 Grammy nominations for best reggae artist.

At the time, Yehudit mentioned a Hasidic (you know, the bearded guys in black suits and hats, etc.) reggae artist named Matisyahu. Well, Matisyahu has an interesting story. He wasn't a Hasidic boy entranced by reggae. Nope - he was a non-religious Jewish kid who got into reggae... which led him to become a Hasid. Now he's a rising reggae star featured in positive reviews from Rolling Stone and Associated Press. You can listen for yourself here.

"Exaltation, my G-d of salvation
The field and there in will be filled with jubilation
The lord's name will be proclaimed amongst the Nations
We don't have no time for patience..."

Oy vey, mon!


MatisYahu is Awesome! I just saw him live at Irving Plaza in NYC and he was a rock star. An unbelievable performer. He actually is the best beat boxer I've ever seen. You can check out lots of videos of his concerts here: MatisYahu

It's rap, not raggae, but JibJab has a new video that's pretty amusing along a similar line.

That was good... an even closer example is rapper Aviad "50 Shekel" Cohen, an obvious takeoff on "50 Cents". He's pretty good, too. I liked his takeoff on 50 Cents' "In Da Club" called "In Da Shul" (click the link and listen) - and apparently, 50 Cents liked it too.

Go to Ifilm, and music videos. Matisyahu was in the top 100 videos.

(Being an 80's kid, I actually grouse about not having a real music video station to listen to. Real World was fun for about 10 seconds, and then I fell asleep.)

But Matisyahu has an amazing video up there.

I'm having trouble getting to the heavy link.

Here's the IFilm link.

This must be one of those memes going around - it was only last night that I was watching various videos on ifilm, and I came across this. Then I look at here, and Joe's talking it up...

Here are lyrics.

Wonderful lyrics for the love of God. Just awesome.

i am a jew and i love god AMEN BLESS THOU MUSIC ONES budha ala aberham likin park

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