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I Sense A Great Disturbance in the Blogosphere...

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VaderWill Collier of Vodkapundit steered me to a new blog, and I must say, it could become even better than Saddam Hussein's. Where else can you find such memorable posts as:

Yes, Darth Vader has a blog. Will is right - it's very, very good, alternating between hilarious and philosophically interesting. Too bad my fellow Canadian Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming wasn't writing, oh, the last 3 movie scripts or so.

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Tracked: May 16, 2005 6:18 PM
The dark side from Petrified Truth
Excerpt: I have a bad feeling about this: Darth Vader has a blog (tip via Winds of Change)....


The perfect way to waste a dreary Sunday afternoon.

Heh, another celebrity blogger.

Damn, that guy's funny. Compelling, too.

Too bad my fellow Canadian Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming wasn't writing, oh, the last 3 movie scripts or so.

Only the last three...?

Seriously, the guy is far, far better than anything that has appeared in a George Lucas script ever, including the first (real) Star Wars. The talent is in the blogosphere, the money is in Hollywood. Something wrong with that.

I'll say this, too. Some of his commenters are almost as gifted as he is.

My favorite Star Wars movie is the one about the two guys who worked in a convenience store, who argued that the destruction of the second Death Star was morally justified in spite of the many civilian contracters who were killed.

That movie was better than all the rest of them, and it cost less than George Lucas' catering bill.

(bonus points if you get the non-Star Wars reference)

That would be Marvin the Robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Glen, you mean 'Clerks'?

Nah. The BEST fan film is Jar Jar's Walking Papers.

Go figure.

I always figured the best Star Wars movie ever was Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress."


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