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Winds of Change in Georgia's 4th District

Support Hank Johnson!
Hank Johnson

by Hank Johnson, Congressional Candidate [GA-4]

First, I'd like to thank Joe Katzman, Marc "Armed Liberal" Danziger, and the whole crew here at Winds of Change.NET for giving me the chance to address you. My name is Hank Johnson. I am a life-long Democrat running to unseat Rep. Cynthia McKinney in the August 8th runoff for the Democratic nomination in Georgia's 4th Congressional District near Atlanta, Georgia. I am asking for your help, and your support.

The last week has been a whirlwind. We surprised the world by forcing Rep. McKinney into an August 8th runoff (with 44.5%, to her 46.9%; 3rd place candidate John Coyne received 6.9%, according to the Georgia secretary of state). Now, my campaign has been thrust into the national spotlight.

My opponent's record speaks for itself. Her history of controversy is well-known. It suffices to say that she has brought a great deal of negative national attention to her district. The causes she ostensibly serves - justice, peace, and equality - are only discredited by her antics. For every conservative pundit and operative attacking progressives, she has become a ready caricature, useful for discrediting the liberal wing of the Democratic party. As a progressive trying to restore respect to the cause of progressivism, I have been deeply disheartened by all my opponent has done to make it less mainstream and less viable.

But besides developing a reputation for inflammatory and counterproductive conduct, what has my opponent accomplished? She has passed exactly one bill over the course of her career - to rename a post office. She has alienated her party's leadership and her colleagues, black and white. She is not a factor in Congressional debate. She cannot attract cosponsors to her legislation. She is not a factor in local debate, because she has until now refused to publicly engage in a discussion of the issues with me. Have you had enough? Then help us get things done.

Your support matters to me. I would like to take a moment to ask for it and, in doing so, share my vision.

Who Am I?

I am a 2-term DeKalb County Commissioner (just east of Atlanta), a 12-year Associate Judge of the Magistrate Court of DeKalb County, a husband and a father. Please review my two-decade record in public service on my web site.

It is possible to be both respectful and successful, and I have tried to embody these virtues throughout my public life. Press stunts, publicity, and national recognition matter less than doing good work for the people of this District and this country. That has been my past, and it has made me effective and widely respected among my constituents. That will be my future as a Representative in Congress.

These are not easy times. We face challenges at home and abroad: a tragic and tiring war, an unpredictable and sometimes hostile world, a swiftly growing national debt, high gas prices, and unprecedented economic competition from abroad, to name but a few. But we are not helpless, and blind anger isn't the answer. We are not merely swept along by the currents. The blogosphere, in fact, is a tremendous demonstration of individuals' growing ability to have a political impact.

We can find solutions together. I believe the people of my district have had enough of the polarizing and divisive spirit that dominates Washington, impedes progress, and gives a bad name to politics.

Each of you reading this blog post and each blogger who has been willing to join me by posting about it or linking to it can (and will) impact the future of your fellow citizens in Georgia and the rest of the nation.

I intend, if elected, to use the internet and the blogosphere to both communicate my vision and solicit feedback from my constituents and from people around the world. I've started with a Podcast, I'm the only Congressional candidate blogging on about my candidacy and the democratic process, and now I've come here, to Winds of Change, in my quest to bring a breath of fresh air to my district.

I'm told that this blog's audience also includes people who lean to the Right, and I will be forthright in telling you that I am a Democrat. But I am willing to hear new ideas, willing to innovate, willing to hear all sides of the story. That's why I have chosen to come here and walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

And here's a pledge: I pledge that, if elected, I will return to Winds of Change every so often to personally post an update on my experiences in the House and to hear from you. Blogs are a wonderful extension and expansion of the public discourse; they democratize society by removing barriers to influence and giving journalism a populist edge.

There is so much to be done.

We must restore reason to foreign policy. We must act now to ensure that an environmental crisis does not threaten our health and our happiness. We must empower our schools and teachers with more resources and more autonomy to address the unique needs of every child. We must strive for harmony as our society becomes more and more diverse. We must provide for our children, our elders, our veterans - the America of yesterday and of the future.

How You Can Make a Difference

Though I'm an underdog facing a well-funded political machine, our showing last week has made mine one of the most hotly discussed primaries in the country.

But that isn't enough. I need your support to win this runoff, and I am asking for your help.

First, I need money. I can unseat Cynthia McKinney; this is a neck-and-neck race. In the primary, anti-McKinney votes (me + Coyne) outnumbered pro-McKinney votes 53-47%. My district is ready for change, and I made unprecedented inroads into her core constituency and traditional stronghold. But my opponent has used her incumbency to raise almost twice as much money - and after the primary, she had 3 times as much. At the end of the July 18th primary, our campaign fund stood at about $13,000.

Every one of your contributions will make a difference and send a message - even if it's just $10.00. You can donate by clicking here.

Second, even if you can't contribute, please look in your phone book and email list and tell your friends about my candidacy, particularly if you know citizens and bloggers in the Atlanta area.

Finally, if you are a resident of my district, I need you to; (1) Vote in the August 8th runoff; (2) Tell your friends about my candidacy; and (3) Sign up to keep in touch with the campaign or volunteer to help.

Closing Thoughts

I will close with some final thoughts.

In these uncertain times, we are tempted by fear, resignation, and anger. Instead we can choose hope, commitment, and progress. The rejuvenation of the American spirit is not just a talking point. As we bear the weight of today's challenges, it is what we must tirelessly pursue.

Together, we can strengthen my district, our nation, our world. We can take one step toward that rejuvenation of our optimism and of our resolve. That's how we'll all get there, together. One step at a time.

I will respond to your comments on this web site. Writing for this audience has been a useful and thought-provoking experience. I've even used some excerpts from it to shape the closing message I am delivering to voters on my web site. If you have any questions, or especially if you live in my area please call my campaign office: 770-323-HANK (4265). A member of my staff will be happy to speak with you as I am out on the campaign trail. I look forward to hearing from you and having the benefit of your insight.

I will be checking this web site throughout the next week to respond to your comments [q.v. July 26: "Hank Johnson Responds to Our Readers"].

Thanks so much for your time,

Hank Johnson
Candidate for Congress
Georgia's Fourth Congressional District


We've had to turn Trackbacks off due to the spam storms that became a Denial Of Service for the site (side-note to candidate Johnson: the CAN-Spam Act has been a failure). If you're a blog participating in this effort, therefore, send an email to joe, over here with your post's title and URL.

  • Leftyblogger Marc Cooper is backing this effort in tandem with us, and endorses Hank Johnson: "All those Democrats so busy taking back the party ought to at least take it back with some good and honorable candidates. Not with a charlatan like McKinney. Good luck to Hank Johnson."
  • Local blogger Will Hinton is organizing a rally. "For those of you who live in the Atlanta area, I invite you to join me in meeting Hank Johnson this coming Wednesday evening, July 26th, at 6:30PM at the 57th Fighter Group restaurant in Atlanta to show your support and find out how you can help defeat McKinney. All are invited. Please email me [JK: will.hinton, it's a account] to let me know if you will attend."
  • Localblogger Steve of "Making A Long Story Longer" lives near Cynthia McKinney Parkway. Hey, that's TWO achievements, though Atlanta's traffic makes the symbolism oddly apt. Anyway, he's registered in the primary and voting for Hank.
  • Will Collier of Vodkapundit titles his post Ten Bucks For Hank. RE: McKinney, "She's an embarrasment to the state and the nation and yes, to her party, and it's time she was out of office and off the front pages."
  • Macker says: "Who's This Guy?" His answer: an honest Democrat with real ideas, worthy of your support.
  • Michael of GayOrbit, meanwhile, rips into McKinney for loudly supporting the Voting Rights Act, just, uh.... not enough to be there for the vote. Funny! And typical. Unsurprisingly, Michael is backing Hank Johnson.
  • Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice: "These are fascinating posts - worth the attention of readers of all persuasions - because they show a candidate taking full advantage of Internet technology to directly spread his word and also (not a small matter) a candidate who's offering voters a different style of representation." One of his Democrat readers agrees wholeheartedly.
  • The National Journal Magazine's blog covers "The Run-Off Blog Battle in Georgia," detailing Hank Johnson's Internet approach here and elsewhere and reviewing McKinney's blog (verdict: "unimpressive").


Mr. Johnson,

It means a lot that the folks here at Winds of Change found you impressive enough, and your race important enough, to endorse you. So important that I decided to contribute to your campaign. For the majority of readers and contributers to this site, this war is the most important issue we currently face. Additionally, one of the finest attributes of this site is the way readers and commenters discuss this important issue, both pro and con (although, admittedly, it seems a majority of the commenters fall on the "pro" side)in a frank and open way. In response to your call for a return to civility, responsibility, and respect in our public, I ask you to please, as you read these comments here in this post and hopefully in future posts, to engage us and give our views a full hearing. There are many smart and insightful commenters and contributers who make this site what it is, and make it a success.

Also, I would like to recommend that you, as a Democratic candidate for Congress, visit the link on this site to the Euston Manifesto.

Thank you.

Mr. Johnson,
Were I a resident of your GA district, right of center repub that I am, you'd assuredly have my vote.
Of course, as a right of center voter, I'd advise you to ignore the Euston report recommended in the previous comment and pay more attention to the current Adminstration.
Just sayin'

Yeah, but Mike are you backing that up with your lunch money?


Colin put it better than I could have. We're proud to feature Mr. Johnson here, and to assist him in his quest to become a sitting member of Congress.

As one of those right-leaning folks Mr. Johnson writes about, I must admit that having a racist, terror-supporting nutjob as a poster-child of the liberal wing of the Democratic party has its appeal. There are times when some of us think of her as the American Left's uncensored id, and would rather it be on display rather than behind the scenes.

But there are some responsibilities bigger than partisan political inclinations, and removing representatives who give even the bad name of politics a bad name is one of them. The flip side is promoting people who are more thoughtful, decent, and trustworthy, because that's how we make things better.

After some investigation, we believe we may have found such an individual in Hank Johnson. Help us help him - and help yourselves in the process!

Colin pointing to the Euston Manifesto over at is timely - it's a set of principles by and for a Decent Left...

"We are democrats and progressives. We propose here a fresh political alignment. Many of us belong to the Left, but the principles that we set out are not exclusive. We reach out, rather, beyond the socialist Left towards egalitarian liberals and others of unambiguous democratic commitment. Indeed, the reconfiguration of progressive opinion that we aim for involves drawing a line between the forces of the Left that remain true to its authentic values, and currents that have lately shown themselves rather too flexible about these values. It involves making common cause with genuine democrats, whether socialist or not...."

Colin's recommendation to check them out is an excellent one. Our own Marc "Armed Liberal" Danziger also has a piece on 'sewer socialism' that's worth a look. It's all about returning the Democratic Party to its position as a party of the working people and solid public services, rather than "skybox liberals" and unproductive poses.

Good luck and thanks for introducing yourself to the readers and contributors at Winds of Change. I'll see what I can do to toss a little green your way...especially if it might contribute to the defeat of McKinney.

PS - Someone should check the AP photo wire from yesterday if there is some way to check the archives, because there was a classic photograph of McKinney chuckling it up with Cindy Sheehan.

As I've said before, the Euston Manifesto is marred by lack of forthright support for Israel's right to statehood and self-defense, which democratic principle demands.

That aside, good luck and best wishes to Hank Johnson.

Republicans supporting Hank Johnson, and folks connecting him to crypto-right wingers like the authors of the Euston Manifesto, isn't doing him any favors. And now he's been endorsed by Marc Cooper, who has made a hypocritical career of bashing "the left" while claiming to be a member of it. It's odd to see him taking an interest in a Democratic primary when he makes a point of his not being one, accusing the Dems of being cowardly compromisers who are no real opposition to the Repubs. Johnson looks like just that kind of Dem. But hey, he's AIPAC-friendly, and that's what counts, it seems.

Howdy Hank,

You seem like a fine fellow and BTW I really like the name Hank (my grandfatherís name). I wish you success, but should mention that I am pretty far center right on fiscal and foreign policy while more center left socially, and I have been very discouraged by the Democrats seemingly very unserious approach to the global threat we all face. I'm sure you've heard most of the arguments.

As to Cynthia, you correctly point out:

... negative national attention
... discredited by her antics
... poster-child of the liberal wing of the Democratic party
... to make it less mainstream and less viable
... a reputation for inflammatory and counterproductive conduct
... She has passed exactly one bill over the course of her career
... She is not a factor in Congressional debate.

As we sometimes say in jest - "you say that like itís a bad thing". From my POV, its all gravy; Cynthia wins and a she remains as a reminder to folks that the Democrats are not serious, if you win, then Congress gets a little better, but I doubt even you, Hank, can save it.

To get my support,

your list

> restore reason to foreign policy.
> environmental crisis (balanced with good science and sensible economics, I hope)
> empower our schools and teachers (unions?)
> our society becomes more and more diverse

needs to add:

> Restore reason to immigration policy

I am a member of the family of man, and I love my family, but I donít want them all staying at my house at the same time.

> Empower our families to educate their children as they see fit
> Our society gets reminded about what makes us Americans
> Our schools teach our founding principles

Mr Johnson,

Here in the U.K., education spending has increased enormously since 1997 - as the Blair government is very keen to tell us. Yet there has been no notable rise in education standards, and even serious signs of increases in the numbers of illiterate children leaving primary (elementary) school (as well as other signs of falling education standards). How would you ensure that extra funding would make a difference?

It's odd to see him taking an interest in a Democratic primary when he makes a point of his not being one, accusing the Dems of being cowardly compromisers who are no real opposition to the Repubs.

'truth machine' manages to simultaneously make - and then miss - what is surely at least part of the point. Working towards having two semi-respectable parties is a worthy goal for all Americans. South Park's parody of the 2004 election - an election at school for a new mascot: a giant douche or a turd sandwich - wasn't far wrong.

(I say this as someone living in the UK, where McKinney's antics would hardly be noticed next to many of our MPs.)

Mr. Johnson,

I've observed a rising level of anti-Semitism among the base of the Democratic party, embodied most obviously in your opponent. This problem is particularly acute among the internationalist, anti-war left wing of the party.

Sure, they would characterize their agenda as anti-Zionist rather anti-Semitic. But given that anti-Zionism is merely the unique denial to Jews of the basic human right of national self-determination and self-defense, this "difference" between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism can only honestly be characterized as rhetorical. This is why they sypathize and support the Palestinians regardless of which openly (at least when they speak in Arabic among themselves) genocidal terrorist group leads them. This is why they adopt Middle East policy positions that are indistinguishable from those held by David Duke and Pat Buchanan. And finally, this is why they want to purge Joe Lieberman - uniquely among the handful of pro-war centrist Democrats - from the party.

After hopefully defeating the repulsive Ms. McKinnney, what else will you do to confront this growing cancer within the Democratic party? And please don't deny that the problem exists unless you also prepared to assert that racism no longer exists.

Mr. Johnson,

On 'Huffington Post' entry Liberal/Progressive Anti-Semitism, liberal commenter ProfessorB noted (July 09, 2006 at 12:50pm):

The progressive anti-Semitism that you report is what I call "infantile leftism." It is the belief that all the problems in the world are caused by American power and that political activity consists in confronting that power and in aiding anyone else who does. In the infantile leftist view, all evil collects at the pole of American power, and all virtue collects at the pole of anyone who opposes it. So if the Palestinians oppose American power, they can do no wrong, and the Isralis who oppose them must be evil... The infantile left... is blind to the dangers of Islamist fascism because it ostensibly opposes American power. Let's hope for a more mature left.

The point has broader applicability than the topic of that HuffPo diary. I expect you'll turn out to be a progressive who is in tune with the voters of your district, and with the basic orientation of the Democratic Party. On policy issues, that won't go over altogether well with much of the regular readership of this web-log (but then most of us don't live in Georgia). The positions that you've staked out in your post paint you asmature (in ProfessorB's sense). Regrettably, your runoff opponent has shown herself to be wholly infantile in her public life and in her politics.

Hoping for an unhinged Opposition ("the worse the better") has its attractions for activists at both extremes, but it's an attitude that is corrosive to society as a whole. In the spirit of the better the better, I wish you all success (and yes, A.L. #3, I mean that in a lunch-money-plus kind of way).

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Like a lot of Americans, 9/11 changed me politically. I'm a former Democrat, now independent with a small 'i'. I feel that the Democrats have squandered their credibility on the issue of GWOT and defense. They have put themselves in a position that was so incredible with people like me that it allowed the Republicans to hijack the entire issue of our security.

I went to your campaign website and immediately honed-in on the one section that I care about the most -- the one plank in your platform that makes or breaks my vote for anyone, whatever party they represent: Iraq & Foreign Policy. You said:
The War in Iraq is and always has been a mistake, and I have stood by this position since before Day One. The alleged weapons programs and stockpiles simply did not exist, and it is unacceptable that we are now engaged in such unnecessary and destructive conflict. The human toll is tragic, the economic burden enormous, the erosion of international respect for our country devastating.

How much of this hindsight? I don't believe that it's a forgone conclusion that going into Iraq was a mistake. The best intelligence at the time assessing Saddam's WMD threat indicated otherwise. Was it your opinion on the eve of the invasion in 2003 that our best intelligence was wrong? What were the alternative intelligence sources that convinced you otherwise? If your opinion that Saddam's WMD program -- as it was understood and accepted as credible at the time -- wasn't worth going to war, it would be good to know why. I'm not asking this facetiously; it's an honest question. Because if our best intelligence cannot be acted upon, I'm lost as to where to turn to. Who do you turn to?

This war is a product of irresponsible and inept leadership, but I intend to bring a fresh, sensible voice to discuss these issues in Washington.

Here I agree with you. Those of us who thoughtfully supported the removal of the Saddam regime have had to support President Bush, because your party -- my former affiliation -- went AWOL on national security issues. It isn't surprising that our Republican president didn't really believe in nation-building -- and thus we have incompetence on a grand scale. It's depressing. I took the war seriously and so I had to vote Republican. I felt there was no other option. How much of the incompetence in Iraq do you think the Democrats should share the blame for, given their lack of support and involvement? Where were they when it mattered? Where are they now that it matters even more?

When should we leave?
  • As soon as is possible, sensible, and ethical;
  • To set a hard date for a pullout would be imprudent and risk further endangering our troops;
  • To leave a devastated country in civil war would be immoral;
  • When our military experts advise that Iraq is a more stable and viable state, we should begin to disengage and bring our men and women home as quickly as possible.
Isn't this the same position as the Bush Administration? Just asking.
We face other serious threats. North Koreaís recent missile test reaffirmed my conviction that Kim Jong Ilís regime is one of the most menacing in the world. Iran is also flexing nuclear muscle, threatening further destabilization of the worldís most volatile region. I will support a policy of multilateral diplomatic engagement with other nations and the U.N., vigilant national security against terrorism, and emphasis on stopping the proliferation of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.

I agree that the Bush Administration has done a poor job of reinforcing and building alliances. But doesn't it cut both ways? In the aftermath of the Cold War and 9/11, it is clear that global power is in flux, and alliances are evolving. What are multilateralism's limits in such a world?

I will always be interested in hearing voices from all sides of the debate and I will vote my conscience.


Mr. Johnson,

Echoing other commentors, let me say that were I a resident of your district, you would most certainly have my vote (especially since the GOP has decided to not even try). I also applaud your decision to use a forum, one where you might leave yourself open to criticism, to press your case. This alone puts you in a place where 98% of our elected representatives fear to tread.

My question to you, sir, is how you feel about the possibility of going against the party leadership based on your personal convictions. Every election cycle we see persons elected saying that they firmly believe in one thing or another only to watch them cave and vote the opposite way under pressure to toe the party line. Do you believe, upon (hopefully) reaching the halls of Congress that you could successfully resist this? Also, what might be an example of a specific issue where you are possibly in disagreement with your party's stated platform?

Prior to reading this, I was going to buy myself a nifty new laser mouse, but maybe that money would be better spent unseating Queen Cynthia.

Good luck and thank you.

Thank you!!! Please knock her out of that seat and hopefully out of politics all together. She is a disgrace. I am a staunch conservative, neither Republican nor Democrat (mostly Republican though) but because I want the best person to win I support you 100%. Good luck and hold in there because she is a bottom-of-the-barrel, in the dirt, no morals, no conscience fighter. But, please! Oh, Please! Knock her out so hard she'll never go back into politics again, at least not in this country.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I live in your future district, right by Shallowford Road and I-85, so I have an actual dog in this fight.

I had the honor of voting for you last week. I will be voting for you again, and I will becontributing to your campaign.

Good luck to you.


Mr. Johnson,

As a pro-war libertarian, I doubt that there is much we can agree on politically. What we can agree on is that persons holding Congressional office should command respect; that discourse in government should be elevated above ad hominems and blamesmanship; that elected officials should be at the very least physically present to represent their constituents. I therefore wish you the best of luck in unseating Cynthia McKinney, who has been a disgrace to our government and a disappointment to her district.


So Mike - you willing to put up your lunch money to help make that happen?

Politics is overall supposed to be a big tent - it's worth supporting people who don't agree with you in detail as long as they get that point - that we're all in this together.



Being that I presently receive my lunch money by the graces of Uncle Sam, Sallie Mae, and whoever else underwrites my student loans, my lunch money is spent exclusively on lunch and remains accordingly undonated - to any cause.

As a general matter, yes, I'd donate to put an ostensibly honest politician, of whatever stripe, to replace McKinney.


An ethical and sufficient response, Mike. Good luck with your studies, and thanks for the good wishes.

Mike: I went and covered you.
Seems fair, as I'm also a pro-war libertarian("Reagan Democrat")

Here's the deal: you wanna be a Democrat, be a Democrat. Godspeed. But please be mindful of the pitfalls -- how do you simultaneously use the power of the Feds to increase school resources, while simultaneously increasing autonomy? There's some contradictions in there.

Similarly, if you and yours can learn to correctly address egalitarian concerns, without falling into the morass of identity politics, then I don't care what your party is, you're likely to get my vote. (I'm in Texas, so this time around all you get is my lunch money). Similarly, if you guys can get on the stick and figure out that the Laffer curve is a nonpartisan phenomenon (just ask Ireland or Estonia), and can redeliver some economic freedom -- or hell, get behind FairTax (a proposal that totally soaks the rich and should have "Democrat" stamped all over it, but for some reason is mostly foundering on the other side of the aisle), then again, you can talk across the aisle and get respect.

It's no secret that your party's hunting for ideas. Well, there's a whole bunch of folks like me just waiting to give you a platterful of them... so Hank, kick McKinney's butt and get in there.

I'm not to familier with Cynthia McKinney; could someone fill me in on why she is so bad?

Personally I'd support anyone who brought the seriousness that a Congressional Seat deserves into office, instead of using it as a shameless self promotion pulpit. McKinney has become a national disgrace, and a poor example for Black Americans to emulate. Conspiracy theories, race baiting, and victimology are not traits one should bring to our nations Congressional houses.

P.S. centrist: google is your friend.

Why is Cynthia McKinney so bad?

Why is Cynthia McKinney so bad? Well, let's see:

- She sees everything through the prism of race. And she hates white people.
- She begged for the Saudi blood money Giuliani rejected.
- She subscribes to the theory that the President knew about 9/11 in advance.
- She assaulted a police officer.
- The only legislation she's sponsored recently is a bill to force the Federal Government to reveal all it knows about the death of Tupac Shakur.
- She misses votes all the time.
- Etc., etc.

She's a barking moonbat who represents nobody but herself.


Yeah, Patrick, but other than she sees everything through the prism of race. and she hates white people, she begged for the Saudi blood money Giuliani rejected, she subscribes to the theory that the President knew about 9/11 in advance, she assaulted a police officer, the only legislation she's sponsored recently is a bill to force the Federal Government to reveal all it knows about the death of Tupac Shakur and she misses votes all the time, what has Cynthia ever done wrong?

Oh, I see. Hank Johnson, I'll send you money if I can!

PS For some odd reason, she seems to have a special amount of animus towards AIPAC. Any reason?

Oh, she hates AIPAC. The last time she lost an election it was because of the J-E-W-S. (Google "Billy McKinney" and "JEWS".)

Hi Matt,

I'm taking your quesiton as rhetorical, but here in Atlanta there is a body of thought that says putting McKinney back in office would be a good thing. The notion is that the more barking moonbats the Democrats have in Congress, the quicker they'll be discredited as a serious political party.

I call that the "cutting off your nose to spite your face" theory.


I've decided to donate $200 to the cause because it is so important to be that Cynthia McKinney be unseated.

Good luck!

Here's the list of people who've donated to Cynthia McKinney's campaign:

Notice anything about the names?

Fire Cynthia McKinney (D, Araby)


In the first 100 names there a total of three anglo names, and one hispanic name. The remainder are all islamic names.

The A group will tend to have more islamic names than most other letters, and some may be blacks who took an islamic name, but the point is still well taken.

#30 Patrick Carroll

One name jumped out at me: Sami al-Arian, who donated $1,000. A quick Google finds that lots of terrorists have donated to McKinney, including al-Qaeda's own Abdurahman Alamoudi.

McKinney for Congress - because Sharia needs an infidel stooge.

Greetings, Winds readers!

My name is Jonathan Ossoff; I'm Deputy Communications Director for Hank Johnson's Campaign.

First, let me thank Joe Katzman, Marc Danziger, and everyone who writes at Winds for the help and support. We wanted to engage bloggers in an innovative way, and Joe and Marc have very generously made this possible.

This is an important race, and Hank is a good man. There's no need for me to spend time expounding upon his qualifications and character, nor is there a need for me to discuss the record of our opponent.

I will say that we have a unique opportunity to do something good here, and we have a unique opportunity to do it in a very good way. Hank's is an underdog campaign which has gathered momentum not by money but by merit. Hank is a contender not because others have made him so but because he is a truly compelling Congressional candidate in a district desperately in need of change.

Hank is out on the trail right now, but he'll be stopping by later as promised to answer a few of your questions. In the meantime, I'm happy to answer questions about the candidate, the campaign, the district, or anything of interest.

Thanks for your time and support,

Jonathan Ossoff
Dep. Communications Director
Hank Johnson for Congress

I just donated $50 to the campaign. I wish it could have been more, but I've got bills, and a wife who likes new shoes on a regular basis.

Hey Colt: I saw that Abdurahman Alamoudi name as well, and knew I'd come across is before.

Fire Cynthia McKinney (D, Araby).

Patrick Carroll


Perhaps if she took some diversity training....


Marietta, GA is just west of you, I believe. That's Lockheed Martin's home base. How important are those facilities and their supply chains to the local economy? And what kind of access do the residents of your district have to those jobs at present? Has anything constructive been done to improve that situation?

I can't imagine that McKinney is exactly influenctial on any Armed Services committees, or as a corporate bridge-builders with employers like Lockheed.

Hi Joe,

The economic dynamo of the southeast is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, just south of Atlanta.

For the 4th District, the biggest Federal moneymaker would probably be the CDC, located in and around Emory University. Fortunately, the CDC is way too important to have ever been within Cynthia's reach. I mean, had it been, we'd all have died from anthrax long ago.

Fire Cynthia McKinney (D, Araby).

Patrick Carroll

Let me add that a vibrant capitalist economy is not only better than welfare. It also makes welfare possible when needed. i.e minimal safety net, help to the disabled, etc.

Joe Lieberman gets it. Even Obama has some understanding (he is my Senator and a very pleasant surprise over what I expected from him - BTW he got my vote - can't abide theocons).

Perhaps you are a harbinger of the revival of the Truman/Kennedy wing of the party. I have my fingers crossed.

Good luck and God speed,


BTW I'd like to help you on drug war issues when you get into office. Science has an understanding of addiction that hasn't reached the general public. It makes Republicans vulnerable. (funny thing is I classify myself as mostly Republican these days.)

I went back and read Kotkin on Kerry.

Marc makes the false dichotomy between those who work and those who invest.

The real deal is this: no investment, no work.

I hope the Democrats will get wise and figure out the obvious. Tax cuts for the rich have made more jobs for the poor and increased government revenue. American economics is not a zero sum game.

We are all in this together and had better start acting like it. Class warfare is a negative sum game.

The genie says I will give you one wish. Whatever you wish for I will give your neighbor double. Are you going to ask for a poke in the eye or a bar of gold?

Let me echo #13 Marcus Cicero,

I'm an ex-Dem. Left around 1980.

The Democrats used to be against despots by any means necessary (yes I am/was a revolutionary Democrat. Since the only revolutionaries left are Republicans they can mostly count on my vote).

Democrats used to be against oppression at home and abroad. What happened to my party? Why do i have to be a Republican to be a revolutionary?

Iraq? if we leave too soon there will be a blood bath just as there was after Vietnam (a Democrat engineered bloodbath by the way. Which by supporting the policy of no more weapons for that country I supported, much to my shame). We have an internet now and the word will get out quickly. The Democrats are already on the ropes. They will never recover from such a blunder twice in many people's lifetime.

We need to stay in Iraq until it is as peaceful as Germany. Even if it costs us. We owe it to them. We broke it (to unseat a despot) we must stay until it is not just fixed, but well fixed.

It is looking to me at this point that your claim to fame is to be a more civil version of McKinney. I'm not sure that is much of an improvement.

BTW despite all that my offer of help on the drug war still stands. The policy of drug prohibitiion was racist in its inception and it is racist in its application. There has been no other policy in the last 100 years other than Jim Crow that has so damaged the black community more.

I think it would be accurate of me to say that you are running a purely negative campaign, that you have opportunistically seized upon McKineys bad press and that you are courting conservatives and republicans to your campaign, who do not have the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart.

Do you support the crossover of Republicans to Demorcat Primaries if the vote in your favour?

I look at your website and every single news item contained therein is a negative piece about Cynthia McKinney. Not one lists your achievements or what you actually stand for.
Please tell me why 4th district voters should replace a tried and tested progressive with an unproven man who has seemingly little understanding of the political process on capitol hill.

You have courted the conservative media, appearing on Fox' Hannity and Colmes several times, received an extreme amount of favourable press from the AJC and have received the backing from most conservative and republican bloggers .

Is it not true that you are attending a dinner organised by the blogger dignan, a conservative to support your campaign and that this is not so much of a pro-johnson event than an anti-McKinney event.

What platform are you actually running on? I have yet to see a featured article about what you actually stand for or against.

It appears to me as though you are an oppotunist who sees the possibility of a career advancement. You, like some Georgia conservatives have an interest in defeating Cynthia McKinney. Now answer me this, don't you think that these conservatives who support you do not have the best interest of the democratic party and the voters of the fourth district at heart?

You or anyone else with answers to these questions may email me by clicking on my name above.
I await some answers.

Dear smilingwatcher,

You raise an interesting set of strawmen. Let me try for a comprehensive answer.

If you go to Cynthia McKinney's (D, Araby) web site, you'll see a note to the effect that anyone can vote in the August 8 runoff, regardless of whether they voted in the primary. Anyone. Hey, maybe some Republicans will vote for Ms. McKinney (D, Araby). There is a large body of people who want her back in the US House of Representatives simply to have one more barking moonbat Democrat in place to show the country that the Democrat party is simply not a serious political party.

So, the crossover vote may work both ways.

As for actually courting conservatives, you mention that Mr. Johnson has appeared on "Hannity and Colmes". I've seen Alan Colmes in action, and he strikes me as having fairly left-wing ideas. My point here is that "Hannity and Colmes" splits the right- and left-wing difference down the middle, giving equal time to both sides. Furthermore, when Ms. McKinney (D, Araby) had chances to debate the other candidates in a public forum, she was nowhere to be seen.

You mention that Mr. Johnson's web site has a number of negative articles about Ms. McKinney (D, Araby). Given that Ms. McKinney's (D, Araby) record is an Augean Stable of race-baiting, victimhood, assault, and conspiracy theory, well, Mr. Johnson is simply mining a rich vein. To his advantage.

I do have to disagree with you about Mr. Johnson's accomplishments. His biography, as presented on his website, makes very impressive reading. And nowhere on his website can I read about "cracker-crats". This contrasts nicely with Ms. McKinney's (D, Araby) web site which, when it's not baiting, builds conspiracies based on organizations like AIPAC. And speaking of records, Ms McKinney (D, Araby) missed 19 House votes in the rest of the week after the primary - absent wothout excuse. If Ms. McKinney (D, Araby) isn't going to bother showing up for work, we might as well have anyone else.

Finally, for a post that makes lots of accusations of negativity, I didn't see many reasons vote for Cynthia McKinney (D, Araby).

Patrick Carroll

smilingwatcher -

Typically, in a campaign, one tries to contrast oneself with one's opponent - to give a voter a reason to vote for you instead of them,

Typically, there are three legs to the stool: policy, personality, and personal history.

Johnson seems to be raising policy issues, but both he and McKinney occupy the "liberal Democrat" space, so there probably isn't as much room between them as, say, between me an M. Simon. But I do see substanive policy points on his site and in his posts here.

That leaves the other two legs - which are absolutely legitimate campaign issues in this campaign - as they are in every other campaign, most of which raise them.

So no, I'll kick your objections back over to you as pretty unfounded. Unless you can suggest a campaign somewhere that isn't based on those three principles.



So there you have it. The meaning of Progressive. And you want to be associated with them?

It is why I hold my nose and vote (mostly) Republican.

There is a reson why I was a Progressive/Communist once. And then there came along real reason and I stopped being a Progressive/Communist.

It is in fact the Progressive/Communist who are afflicted with envy/greed. They mask this by yelling loudest about the evil greed heads.

They cover their war mongering by claiming to be anti-war. As you well know peacemongering causes war. Strength and the willingness to use it prevents war.

When you look at the shoe on the other foot you see Republicans railing against sex. Which just shows their obsession. For core Republicans having too much fun is suspect.

Politics in America is a real sewer. If there wasn't a war on I'd give my attention to other pursuits.

Mr Johnson,

Except for the fact that I live in Mr Price's district, I would vote for you.

You are a rare breed, a sane rational democrat. Unlike Ms McKinney, you want to improve this nation.

I truly hope you win. I hope you go to Washington and make some improvements.

Go Hank Go!

Hank Johnson -

I live in your district - moved here in 2002 just off of Memorial Drive (AKA Cynthia McKinney Parkway).

From Neal Boortz's website, I understand you are a supporter of the Fair Tax. I cannot impress upon you how important that issue is to me and my friends who live in this district. We all plan to cross party lines if need be to support Fair Tax friendly candidates.

You received my vote in the primary and will receive it in the run-off.

For the readers of this thread not familiar with our district, the race for this seat in the House is won in the Democratic primary. The fourth congressional district of Georgia has been heavily gerrymandered over the years and overwhemingly Democrat. It also used to be overwhelmingly low income black Americans. Despite the efforts of McKinney, that is changing. This district is becoming one the fastest growing black majority districts - with regard to rising income - in the nation. We need to continue that trend.

Our district needs to attract better jobs - not more federal dollars. We need economic incentive programs for small and large business alike - not federal handouts.

We need to take a serious look at our school system and consider what benefits an experimental charter school program would bring - b/c when young people like me have kids, we're leaving, we're not sending our children to these schools. And when the middle class leaves this district in search of better schools, they behind schools that only get worse for the kids whose parents can't get out.

There is so much to do here in this district and it's my hope that you won't be a partisan Democrat, but a US Representative, with a D next your name, that believes in helping people better their lives by providing them with opportunity and not in handouts to secure to your job. Our district needs a classical liberal. The Mckinney approach to representation can be witnessed on a drive down Memorial Drive from Stone Mountain to I-20. Those sights are proof positive that she and her ideas have failed terribly.

We need a representative focused on freeing this district, not holding it back. We need a representative focused on the assets of a community that make it a wonderful place to live, individuals. I certainly hope you're the representative we need.

#36 Joe Katzman

Lockheed Martin is in another district - the one where I was born and raised, as was my mother. My father will retire from Lockheed in February. Lockheed is a huge presence, not only in Marietta, but it employs people from every corner of the metro Atlanta area to Alabama. My grandfather and uncle worked there. My grandmother was a riveter during WWII. I have many friends whose parents and grandparents worked there and at the adjoining Dobbins Air Reserve Base and Naval Air Station.

When Newt Gingrich was speaker, he was our representative. I believe that Hank's influence would come in working with that district's rep. to aid Lockheed in securing contracts for exisitng and new projects.

The Marietta Lockheed Martin facility produces the C-130 and the F-22 Raptor.

Thanks to Winds of Change for inviting Hank Johnson to speak directly to the people. I am impressed that he did so as many politicians seem to fear, misunderstand or dismiss the wonderous intraweb.


I wanted to say that I like Cynthia McKinney. I used to be in her district, but my neighborhood was tacked on to the 5th district. I am white (even a former debutante) and while I often disagree with McKinney, I do agree with her on occasion and appreciate her for voicing her opinions. I think that issues affecting the United States need to be debated and discussed. Congress voted approval of Operation Iraqi Freedom 392 to 11 with 22 voting 'present'. Why not have John Lewis vote twice if all you are looking for is the UnCynthia? We have too many nice politicians and not enough statesmen.
ps While I would never slug anyone, my theory on Cynthia's brush with the law is that she thought it was Bush creeping up behind her with one of his one minute massages (humor).
pss. Whoever mentioned it earlier, it's true, her father is a homophobic antisemite.

I agree that Americas politics is a real sewer. We have three of the poorest states in the Union still in shambles. We have a do nothing impotent Congress and Senate. We ticked off half the world. We still fight wars w/a Viet Nam mentality which does not save lifes but increases their demise. We play the "race" card way too often.The White House and our intelligence system down right stinks.And when people have to decide whether to eat or buy medicine I find that appalling.This is not America.I hope Mr. Johnson when you get to Washington you can only improve the situation. Its time to get rid of the "old guard" and install one that respects the ideals this Country was founded on. The movie "V" sums it up best ",,,,People shouldnt fear their Govermnents. Governments should fear their people." Good luck today and God speed

who are these people in georgia i am sorry i don't know and i have 2 do a project on georgia and don't know these people up in here

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