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March 2011 Archives

March 31, 2011

Could This Possibly Be True?

By Armed Liberal at 23:51

...I'm not sure I can even believe anyone wonders.
On tipping - and breast size

Yes, it does make a difference, at least according to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The larger the breasts, the bigger the gratuity.
Stunned, I tell you.

Added link.

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  • toc3: This can't be true. I think they should fund a read more
  • juliet: This is how I do it: as a female rater read more
  • juliet: This is how I do it: as a female rater read more

I Told You So

By Armed Liberal at 23:21

Here's Megan McArdle in The Atlantic:
This is one of the reasons that we can't fix all our budget problems with higher taxes on the rich--if we do that, revenues are going to collapse dangerously every time there's a recession.
What I said. Michael Hiltzik, the pathetic excuse for a business columnist in the LA Times, disagrees.

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  • Thorley Winston: I would also be in favor of removing the read more
  • Roland Nikles: Marc, the link to your earlier (early aught's)musings about tax read more
  • alchemist: I still agree that we need to fundamentally change the read more

March 29, 2011

Libya And Strategic Deficits

By Armed Liberal at 21:28

Blake Hounshell's (remember praktike? he's a genuine Big Deal now...they grow up so damn fast...) Twitter stream, I'm sent (approvingly) to Dan Nexon's 'The Duck of Minerva' blog, where he writes (approvingly) about the lack of a doctrinal cover for Obama's intervention in Libya.

Now I have mixed feelings about this intervention; on one hand the lid is coming off the Arab kleptocracies as I discussed back in '03 - which is a Good Thing. But we have no plans or capabilities in place to compete for the allegiance and affection of the lately-oppressed people whose dictators we supported for a generation - which is a Really Bad Thing.

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  • toc3: And playing the 'Israel will be fine' game will continue read more
  • toc3: Well mark, You may just want not to look at read more
  • mark buehner: And playing the 'Israel will be fine' game will continue read more

March 23, 2011

SFC. Carlos Santos-Silva

By Armed Liberal at 00:44

Today is the anniversary of his death in Afghanistan, where he served with my son. He is survived by his widow Kristen and son Cameron, and by all those who remember him.

My son was in town this weekend, and last night after dinner he and a guest were talking about his time in Afghanistan. Our guest asked him about good memories, and he talked about the day they were on mounted patrol, drove through a town where they smelled a delicious bakery and all talked about it. On the trip back, SFC. Santos-Silva called a halt, set up a perimeter and overwatch, and walked into the bakery, buying everything on the shelves and some "disgustingly sweet" local energy drink.

They drove back to the COP eating fresh pastry and laughing...


Update: Corrected SFC Santos-Silva's rank.

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  • jan: Nice anecdote, Armed Liberal. Even in war there are small read more

March 17, 2011

About That Whole "Civility" Thing...Althouse Gets Threats

By Armed Liberal at 22:21

...I think it's (sadly) already become passe.

Ann Althouse and Meade have been covering the demonstrations in their backyard in Madison.

Today, some Madison jackass using the name Jim Shankman published a threat/blackmail letter on Scrib'ed (probably a violation of the TOS) in which Anne and Meade are instructed to apologize, pay $10,000 to the IWW and other 'progressive' organizations (plus free pizza for the protesters!), maintain silence about political issues relating to unions, and stay away from a statue in downtown Madison.

Read the whole piece while it's up (it's a massive TOS violation and won't be there long).

I've had a couple people rattle my cage - nothing very serious because I'm not at Althouse's level of prominence (or maybe because I'm the "Armed" Liberal?).

But this kind of bullying bullshit is far beyond the pale, and while it's the work of one person - named Jim Shankman - clearly it opens the gates for him, or for someone who reads his drivel (and it's really bad - a farrago of sexual, political, and economic frustration written by someone who isn't smart enough to understand that overpaid public-sector workers are making his life as a marginal service worker worse) to tee off on Anne or Meade.

That's bad.

It's likely nothing at all except shameful to the guy who wrote and posted it, and to the whopping 82 people who have "liked" it.

This kind of personalized threat is the opposite of what our politics needs right now.

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  • toc3: 9/11 may be the defining American event I think may read more
  • Marcus Vitruvius: Let's just hope it's not a decade's worth of history read more
  • Armed Liberal: @Ham ... Don't feed this, please... read more

March 16, 2011

Thomas Lynch 1927 - 2011

By Armed Liberal at 18:00


My mother's partner, an Irish physicist who had stories and love enough for ten men. And if that weren't enough reason to love him, he adored the boys and they adored him.

Have a glass of Knob Creek or Tullamore (neat) and drink to a life damn well lived.

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  • mark: Marc, My condolences to your family and especially to your read more
  • Blake Sobiloff: Condolences, Marc. Sounds like he'll continue to live for a read more

March 9, 2011

Send More Jets

By Armed Liberal at 20:29

Uncle Jimbo (in his grown-up persona as Jim Hanson) has a piece in the Washington Examiner highlighting SecDef Gates' recent comments in which he both pushes for a technologically superior and deep defense structure and says that we should never use it again in Asia or Africa.

Jim is defending the F35 program; I've been changing my attitude on that program from critical (we keep building overpriced, less-effective swiss-army-knife defense systems) toward positive (it sure seems to be working - except possibly for the VTOL variant - and we are going to need some better tech pretty darn soon).

More on this in a bit - it's probably worth trying to think it out in a post.

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  • Davod: "IE- if you spend some obscene amount of money on read more
  • toc3: Well, It seems like Gates is of the same mind read more
  • mark buehner: Oh- one more thing that has really bothered me. We've read more

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other, Says Joe Gandelman

By Armed Liberal at 15:57

Gandelman on pranking Gov. Walker.

Gandelman on pranking NPR.

(note the hair-tugging grief about the future of journalism in the latter post)

I think that if you want to understand the larger implications of both "punk'd" interviews, you need to go read Jeff Jarvis talking about radical transparency (note that his take on the NPR events is colored - badly, I think - by his relationship with NPR).

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  • Glen Wishard: But you don't have to believe me, read the attorney read more
  • alchemist: To be clear, I'm not saying that individuals at ACORN read more
  • alchemist: I only now a few of the cases, but from read more

March 8, 2011

International Womens Day, 2011: What If?

By Joe Katzman at 20:09

At the moment, it certainly is not - and this example of same should be a source of shame.

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March 6, 2011


By Armed Liberal at 13:02

My mom called at midnight last night.

She never married Tom Lynch; for the last 20 years, they have just been together - having fun, feuding, taking care of each other. And for the last 20 years, he's been an integral part of our lives, and of the lives of the boys - all of whom adore him.

Tom has a relationship with his own children - I think nine of them - that we don't completely see; there is history there going back far into their shared past. But his children have this amazing history of success. Colum Lynch of the Washington Post, Niall Lynch of Latham, the televison producers Joey and Tom Lynch...and those are just the ones I know of.

For the last year, mom has been amazingly selfless in caring for Tom as he's battled with kidney disease, heart disease, and then lung cancer. Then as Tom's energy and capabilities declined, she had been working with him family to get Tom into an assisted living facility.

Too late.

Last night he fell and broke his hip, and he's now in the hospital in Santa Monica on a respirator as his condition declines rapidly.

He missed our family birthday dinner two weeks ago - said he didn't feel well enough to come, and asked us to come by later, not that day. We said "Sure" and made plans to see him after this trip.

Don't ever do that...go then regardless.

I want to rush home from North Carolina where I write this, but I know that it's his family's movie now, and that I need to keep myself - we need to keep ourselves - to the background.

But I can do one thing. Tom was a devout Irish Catholic in the years we knew him, and I can ask all of you to pray for him today.

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  • jan: Sorry to hear about your Mom's friend. I live in read more

March 3, 2011

Small Acts Of Kindness

By Armed Liberal at 16:19

If you look at the post I did when Biggest Guy deployed, the second photo down shows a young sergeant, his young wife, and a small boy sleeping on their laps.

The young sergeant was James Nolen, killed by an IED on Nov 22, 2009. The young wife was his pregnant wife Rachel, and the young boy her son William.

TG and I have stayed connected to Rachel and watched as she's dealt with the burdens she faces with grace and strength.

Recently, someone showed her some grace, and writer, friend, and milspouse Kanai Fong writes about it at The Kitchen Dispatch:
People who truly possess a green thumb, usually live life with a full heart. The late SGT James Nolen of the 2/508, 82nd Airborne had one, and anticipated gardening at his house near Ft. Bragg, NC when his deployment ended. His wife Rachel writes:

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Iowahawk Drops Math Bombs

By Armed Liberal at 15:02

Every so often we forget that behind the snark and mid-century bon-vivant lifestyle, Iowahawk is a former fricking professor. I've commented on this in the past, but today he reminds us by bodyslamming Nobel laureate and NYT voice of liberal convention Paul Krugman to the mathematical mat.

Boo-ya (being the integral of the mass-velocity curve of the body being slammed).

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  • NukemHill: His follow-up post is a barn burner as well. Well read more
  • mark buehner: He did miss one cogent point regarding SAT scores- participation. read more
  • Glen Wishard: Throughout the most boring periods of our nation's history, notably read more

March 1, 2011

How Public Sector Unions Control Politicians

By Armed Liberal at 19:26

Former LA Police Chief Bernard Parks is currently representing LA Council District 8, where he's currently being opposed by a union-cultivated candidate Forescee Hogan-Rowles. From the LA Weekly:
Parks has been targeted for removal by the DWP's union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18, and its affiliate IBEW 11, as well as the city's police union and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and SEIU Local 721.

The cash-rich unions representing thousands of city workers have organized a massive independent expenditure campaign, pouring more than $650,000 in contributions into electing Hogan-Rowles.

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  • Armed Liberal: Marcus, again - it's the thumb on the scale of read more
  • Marcus Vitruvius: A.L., at 4: I wouldn't. I've never been that concerned read more
  • toc3: I was commenting on the tone of moral outrage in read more
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