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3/11 Revisited - Part 1


by Joe Aguilar

This is a summary regarding some of the latest developments in the investigation of the Madrid Train Bombings published since September 14th 2005. Most of the information comes from the Libertad Digital website and City FM radio, being compiled and analyzed by journalist Luis del Pino.

The presumption of innocence of all the people named in this article is preserved.

Official version

As we know on March 11th 2004, around 7:35 AM, ten powerful explosions ripped off four packed commuter trains in and around Madrid. Deaths numbered 192, 152 people were severely injured and more than 1000 others lightly wounded.

The official version told us that some Moroccans, remotely linked to an Al Qaeda cell already captured, carried out the attack using rucksacks loaded with Spanish dynamite originating with Asturian miners. One of those bombs, number 13, did not explode, and the SIM card in the mobile phone used as a timer was the lead that enabled the Spanish Security Corps to swiftly make arrests of members of this group just before Election Day.

Later, at the beginning of the summer of 2005, probably after a defence attorney leaked the entire Summary, more data, that does not necessarily fit into the official version, have been published; showing an intricate and bizarre set of plots involving a heterogeneous group of intellectual extremists, frustrated GIA members, hash traffickers, Spanish miners, a bunch of police informers and an ex-Francoist hardliner, now a high ranking Socialist party official, among others.

A Glimpse of the Truth at Last?

Where is the truth in all this mess? Who lies? What is a part of a cover up? A Police investigator would tell us that if we want the truth, we should go to the place where the crime was committed, search for evidence and then develop a logical theory (hopefully only one) that fits and helps to explain other related developments.

Finally, on September 14th, eighteen months after the attacks, Luis del Pino, brought us back to the trains in a very successful way. He published in Libertad Digital the testimony of the provincial chief of the TEDAX (Technicians in Explosive Deactivation) in Madrid, that is included in the 3/11 Judicial Summary. This was the person in charge of coordinating the four units, one working in each attacked train, which searched for unexploded devices and began the investigation on March 11th.

Surprisingly, this subordinate of Sanchez-Manzano, who unlike him is a real TEDAX promoted by experience, declared before the judge, on July 12th 2004, that:

1) The visual inspection he carried out in arriving at Atocha station revealed that the damage in the trains could not be caused by dynamite, but by some type of military explosive, like C3 or C4.

2) Nevertheless, the two deactivated rucksacks (one in Atocha and another one in El Pozo stations, numbers 11 and 12) contained some other type of explosive, because the procedures of deactivation anticipated for C3 or C4 failed. That is, the rucksacks found without exploding contained something different from the bombs that had exploded.

3) The TEDAX gather samples and vestiges for a forensic analysis. Usually, says the inspector in his declaration, those samples and rests are taken to the office of the Provincial Group of the TEDAX. Nevertheless, that day, against the habitual procedure, the samples were taken to the central office of the TEDAX, directed by Sanchez-Manzano.

4) Finally, this inspector of the TEDAX revealed to the judge the reason why the rucksack of Vallecas, the #13, had not exploded. It was because there were loose two wires and he informed him that that was known from March 12th, because before deactivating the device of Vallecas, a X-ray was performed to the rucksack.

First, this information, that the bomb #13, the one that leaded the Police towards the Moroccans arrested just before the Elections, was not intended to explode, was hidden from the media and thus from the public at decisive moments.

Second, we all were being told (tell a lie one thousand times and it will become a truth) that the terrorists used in the attacks dynamite Goma-2 ECO sourced in Asturias, that ended in the hands of a group of Islamic extremists that were being observed by security forces, easily cornered after the attack and forced to commit suicide.

Now the explosive expert on charge of the investigation that morning, an actual TEDAX promoted on experience, says that this is not the case. The explosive used was military because those high detonation velocity compounds cleanly cut the metal, while dynamite-like, lower velocity ones, “bite” it. Just looking to the damage he assessed from the first moment that it was neither Titadine nor Goma-2 ECO.

Other facts that fit with this expert opinion is that some devices were allegedly placed in the litter bins in the walls of the carriages that faced towards the platform. This would also kill people outside the train and cause the larger numbers of casualties, as the footage from Atocha surveillance cameras shows.

If it was used a military explosive, the amount of it necessary for each device is much lower, as Luis del Pino points out. The bombs may have been the size of a pocket book, much easier to leave inside a train litter bin than a Tupper-ware container with some five kilograms of dynamite and a mobile phone. Probably there was just one terrorist per train, easing the logistics issue.

In addition, the Alcala de Henares van, found near the station where the trains were supposedly loaded with the bombs, contained, among a lot of other evidence pointing to Muslim extremists, some Spanish dynamite Goma-2 ECO mixed with methenamine (hexamethylenetetramine). This compound is a raw material of Hexogen and other military explosives, such as RDX, and can be easily sourced. However, in the dynamite from the bomb #13 this compound was not present.

What is going on here? Were three kinds of explosive involved in the same attack, high explosive, Spanish dynamite with methenamine, and Spanish dynamite without it?

According to the forensic analysis and the testimony of the senior explosive expert in the site of the attack, finally after 18 months, the truth has reached the Spanish public: the answer is yes.

Moreover, the provincial chief also declared about the two devices found unexploded. He said that he ordered his men to enact procedures to deactivate high explosives, thus being pretty sure about his first diagnostic. From his testimony to investigating Judge Del Olmo, pages 19147 and 19148 of the Summary:

“The operative techniques and procedures used [to try to deactivate the devices found] followed the first hypothesis, according to the damage of the explosions in the trains, that it was high explosive, not believing at that point that it was dynamite”

However both bombs went off, in his expert opinion, because the method failed: it wasn’t high explosive.

Is he lying? I do not think so – this chief TEDAX declared, correctly, that there was vital evidence that had been hidden – the X ray performed to the rucksack #13 – and has founded his opinions about the explosive composition on facts: metal damage and bombs going off under a high explosive deactivation procedure.

At this point Luis del Pino begins to develop his theory.

If we accept the forensic reports and the testimony of the TEDAX chief, in the 3/11 attacks there were at least two different sets of bombs. Probably ten loaded with high speed explosive, which did the job, and two others, that did not exploded, loaded with non-military explosive and probably using a mobile phone as a timer, as the local policeman saw in on the Del Pozo train device.

What had happened to the terrorists? Did they run out of high tech components and made two other bulky beginner-level devices that failed? Evidently not, if those bombs were there it is because the perpetrators wanted them to be. That is, they were deceiving elements, like her sister, the bomb #13, the bomb that was assembled intentionally leaving the wires unconnected in order to be found unexploded, the bomb that led so swiftly the Police towards some Moroccans, just in time to change the outcome of the elections.

Pushing Luis del Pino theory further and taking into account some other fragmented forensic reports, probably the actual bombs (1 to 10) contained RDX mixed with some nitroglycerine, and the false ones (11 and 12) dynamite, that is, stabilized nitroglycerine, with some methenamine, which is the main raw material of RDX; in order to make any chemical analysis on the rests found around the explosions indecisive and arguable.

The bomb #13 was very probably assembled hours after the attacks in order to carry out her sisters’ task, when they accidentally exploded as the TEDAX applied them a wrong deactivation procedure. They used an already prepared mobile phone containing a SIM card from Zougam’s store, in order to link him to the plot and so enabling some arrests of Muslims to be performed in time.

The explosive for this device was probably bought in a hurry, which may explain the difference in composition with the dynamite found in the van of Alcala de Henares station. The person that mounted it, did not dare to attach the wires between the mobile phone and the detonator, just sticking them into the mass of explosive.

All this work was done so rapidly that the result was a pathetic example of fabricated evidence, with even the time programmed, 7:40, being late by two minutes; that its use as a proof in the 3/11 trial is questionable.

As we can see, Luis del Pino elucidation of the facts not only is logical and fits the evidence, but also brings light to some dark points, such as the difference in composition between the dynamite in the Alcala van and the bomb #13, both left intentionally by the terrorists. Its publication on September 14th removed one of the veils around the 3/11 attacks and pointed out some conclusions:

  • The mastermind knew a lot about explosives, but not that the effect of high explosives on the structure of the trains would be different than the damage caused by dynamite. From

The shock wave from a TNT [high explosive] explosion is of relatively short duration. […] The duration of the positive phase of a shock wave is an important parameter in the response of structures to a blast.

The plot almost failed because the mastermind of the attack did not foresee that an expert could identify the kind of compound used not only by its chemical composition, but also by the damage it causes (or its behaviour under a wrong deactivation procedure). He thought that the TEDAX would assume it was dynamite, maybe because ETA had tried to carry out a similar attack on Christmas Eve. Is this other loose end that Luis del Pino theory ties?

  • The actual perpetrators had access to military explosives, uncommon ones.
  • The entire Asturian plot, El Chino cell that committed suicide in the Leganes flat, the Syrians and others might be just a part of a smoke screen since the explosive they sourced was only used to mislead the investigations and the public opinion.
  • The plot was probably not masterminded by Muslim extremist elements; otherwise no deceiving game would have been necessary.


I have a few queries.

1. The plot - if indeed that is what it was - was quite clearly well planned. Why would bomb #13 have been assembled at the last minute?

2. How could the plotters have known the Moroccan terrorists would blow themselves up?

3. While it might have been procedure to move samples of explosives to regional TEDAX offices, given the scale of 3/11 - plus its location in Madrid - is it surprising that it was sent to the TEDAX HQ?

So Zougam et al. are the innocent victims of a conspiracy? Color me quite skeptical on this one.

I've tried to follow this line as much as possible and while I agree that there are definite problems with some aspects of the investigation (much like our own investigation into the 9/11 attacks), a lot of this strikes me as people taking those flaws and then putting forth conclusions that I don't think are warranted.

Kalaji is the key to all of this.

Colt (#1),

1. The plot - if indeed that is what it was - was quite clearly well planned. Why would bomb #13 have been assembled at the last minute?

In the trains there were already two false bombs assembled only to lead the investigations rapidly towards some Moroccans. These sister bombs were detonated accidentally when the Technicians in Explosive Deactivation (TEDAX) tried to defuse them using a wrong method, blowing up all fabricated evidence left there to perform some rapid arrests of Muslims.

The mastermind of the plot did not realize that high military explosives have a brisance, or fragmenting capacity, much higher that dynamite, and that this leaves a clear mark on metal sheets, such as the one on the sides and roof of the carriages of the trains. The chief TEDAX expert in Atocha station identified this effect clearly, and ordered to try to deactivate the remaining bombs (the decoys) using, it seems, a cold water blast method.

One of the differences between high military explosives and other industrial ones such as dynamite it seems to be that military ones are more stable (should not explode when hit by a bullet, for instance). The method employed made the dynamite in the decoys react. The evidence was lost.

2. How could the plotters have known the Moroccan terrorists would blow themselves up?

I think they didn't. What happened in the Leganes flat is not clear, but what we know up to now is quite bizarre, and might deserve an entire article. BTW, why was an assault ordered when the suspects where clearly surrounded? Did the Special Assault unit police officer killed in the explosion serve in the Spanish embassy of Algiers? Did he know Arabic? Why was his body profanated?

The last data we have points towards as the Morocan El Chino, who distributed hundreds of kilograms of hash in the Basque country, as THE mouth to keep shut.

3. While it might have been procedure to move samples of explosives to regional TEDAX offices, given the scale of 3/11 - plus its location in Madrid - is it surprising that it was sent to the TEDAX HQ?

It is surprising because that was not following the procedure and left the samples within Sanchez-Manzano range.

Dan (#2)

So Zougam et al. are the innocent victims of a conspiracy? Color me quite skeptical on this one.

The only evidence against Zougam is the testimony of some witnesses, who identified him in the trains after his picture was published by the media.

Jamal Zougam, by the way, is the last among the firsts, the last Morocoan in prison among the first detained in the evening of Saturday March 13th, just in time to change the outcome of the elections. The rest of them had to be released when the evidence against them melt down. For instance, one of Zougam friends was identified by witnesses in two trains at the same time. Judge Del Olmo had to let him go.

In addition, the Official version has not provided any direct perpetrator beyond Zougam. That is, we still don't know who carried the alleged rucksacks to the trains. It is not about putting flaws together and invent something, it is simply that the Official version cannot withstand a very light rational analysis.

And 3/11 has nothing to do with 9/11. The begin with it, in the first case there were no suicide terrorists involved in the attack (they had to be fabricated later). In Luis del Pino blog people comments about the similarities with another conspiration that happened in America during the early sixties, but it is clear 3/11 has nothing to do with 7/7 or 9/11, it is simply a pathetic copy performed by Moroccan actors.

Here's another question: why not use dynamite for all the trains? It would still lead people to the same conclusions.

What about the shooter on the Knoll Herboso? The problem with these lines of conspiracy is that anything the 'fake' bombers are alleged to have done that is stupid is pointed to as evidence of a setup, while the same scale isnt used on the 'real' bombers. If what would have been silly mistakes by the patsies is evidence of a conspiracy, what do we make of the mistakes of the supposed masterminds that have allowed us to 'discover' them? An even larger conspiracy? I think Occam's Razor suggests this was an add-hoc bombing campaign, with some profesional elements and some amateur. Could be as simple as keeping junior members of the team occupied.

Like I said, I think it's a useful foil for critiquing the official Spanish investigation (just as some of the stuff about the 1999 apartment bombings in Moscow is a good foil for critiquing the official Russian line there) but I am extremely skeptical about a lot of the implications that are being derived from said criticisms and the people like Zougam that we have to believe to be completely innocent in order to have this narrative prove true. The fact that the Spanish had to let Zougam's buddies go also isn't necessarily evidence that they weren't involved IMO - look at all the trouble the Dutch have had with Samir Azzouz.

Colt (#5),

why not use dynamite for all the trains?

Good question Colt. I add one: if the aim of the bombs was to kill as many people as possible, why don't load them with shrapnel?

I think that James Cameron had the answer: size matters.

That is, the bombs had to kill a lot of people, had to be very powerful, but easy to transport and hide.

In my personal opinion, that points towards a very few actual perpetrators.

Moreover, a low quantity of explosive simplifies the sourcing issue.

Mark (#6),

The problem with these lines of conspiracy is that anything the 'fake' bombers are alleged to have done that is stupid is pointed to as evidence of a setup, while the same scale isnt used on the 'real' bombers.

No Mark, the problem with 3/11 is that all that the fake bombers did was stupid! They were being surveilled, they were identified in a matter of hours, they left a lot of evidence in the Alcala van, they bought dynamite from police confidents, their plans were known even for the mullah of the Villaverde mosque, they failed to detonate a devide under the high speed train rails on April 2nd, being surrounded soon after...

BTW the Moroccans had no training in explosives.

The real bombers did their part much better, but please take into account that they might be fewer: maybe four people. They used high tech equipment and the most powerful explosive that can be easily synthesized. In the end they made a B-I-G mistake (does any criminal plan have its mistake? It seems so): the provincial chief identified it and the decoys went off.

Ziriaco, a commenter on Luis del Pino blog and a blogger by himself, calls them "the black pawns and the white bishops". It has nothing to do with race, it is about chess. The plot was divided in two levels, the professional and the amateur, the first to kill, the second to decieve. In fact, the mistakes are shared by all of them.

Dan (#7),

It is simply that the reports of the autopsies, the report of the provincial chief of the TEDAX, the one that directed all the teams on the trains that morning; and the Official version do not fit. There is no rational explanation to what happened that morning.

BTW, in his chapter 17, Luis del Pino proofs how Zougam was pushed into a trap. Zougam usually bought his mobile phone SIM cards from a source that had no individual stocking control, (they controlled just batches of SIM cards, no individual mobile numbers). In order to avoid this and to link Zougam with the individual numbers used in the bombs, this procedure was changed.

Forget about him, he has nothing to do with 3/11. He is not even a black pawn.

Last but not least, Rory (#3)

I don't think so. Kalaji followed orders, in my opinion. OK, he was a terrorist in his youth, but then worked for 25 years in the Spanish Security Forces and was involved in sensitive operations.

I think he was used to contact the Syrian radicals in Spain and then was being prepared as a second scapegoat leader.

It is a line of discussion in Luis del Pino blog that some black pawns might have believed that only fake bombs were to be involved in the attack. Kalaji was probably deceived like El Chino, but he finally managed to stay aside and keep his head on his shoulders, again.

I don't agree with Luis del Pino's slant that the plot was entirely the product of Spanish leftists. But I don't believe that al Qaeda (including affiliate organizations) did this all on their own, either. And 3/11 has everything to do with 9/11.

Zougam might have been set up without being completely innocent, too. The idea isn't completely crazy, just weird, until you look closely at Kalaji. His sister was translating the surveillance tapes on Islamic radicals. That means he knew exactly who to set up.

1) Can we connect Huarte with the head of TEDAX?

2) Gaffney's National Review Online article said Zougam's fingerprint was found on the cell phone in bomb 13. Was that in error?

3) According to this most recent information, the dynamite in bombs 11 and 12 was different from bomb 13. But bomb 11 and 12 was the same as dynamite found in the van. Correct so far?

Was the dynamite in the van the same as the dynamite found along the tracks on April 2? Was the dynamite in the van the same as the dynamite used to blow up the Leganes apartment?

Occam's razor can work both ways -- sometimes the simplest explanation is a connection.

I don't agree with Luis del Pino's slant that the plot was entirely the product of Spanish leftists.

I'd leave it in 'Spanish', Rory: an inside job. Moreover, I don't think that all people involved was ideologically leftist. Many had just their personal interests, though leftist arguments provided the ideological framework to build the plot and later the mass media manipulation.

That is right, Kalaji's sister was a translator for the UCIE, but take into account that she warned several times that The Tunisian and his buddies were preparing something. In addition, data was leaked to El Mundo (The notes on the Moroccan confident 'Cartagena' prove that the Police had under surveillance the 3/11 leadership) proving that this unit, the UCIE had also information from the Tunisian through the imam of the Villaverde mosque, nicknamed Cartagena, therefore Kalaji's sister could not have been hiding capital information. They were not operating separately from their Police corps.

1) Can we connect Huarte with the head of TEDAX?

I don't think so. Fernando Huarte among many other things, was the Security Officer of his party in Gijon, an Asturian city, thus having to contact police officers in order to coordinate the security of the Socialist Party public acts there, but that is at an organizational level.

Moreover, we know that there are no real TEDAX involved in the plot because the mastermind could not predict the effect of the higher brisance of RDX on the train's metal sheets.

2) Gaffney's National Review Online article said Zougam's fingerprint was found on the cell phone in bomb 13. Was that in error?

AFAIK that cell phone was clean, absolutely clean. It was leaked to the media that Zougam's fingerprints had been found in the Alcala van, and some ADN samples in the Morata house: it is absolutely false. A doubtful witness testimony is all that keeps him in jail.

3) According to this most recent information, the dynamite in bombs 11 and 12 was different from bomb 13. But bomb 11 and 12 was the same as dynamite found in the van. Correct so far?

We don't know what kind of dynamite was in the bombs 11 and 12, not even if it was dynamite at all, because they went off. We only know that it wasn't high military explosive, and that it was something with the same stability as dynamite and similar power.

We do know that the dynamite found in the van was Spanish and contained methenamine added later, and that the one that composed the bomb #13 was also Spanish but contained no methenamine.

From this point, the presence of three different explosives in the attack and other contradictions, Luis del Pino develops a theory that very sucessfully explains why this happens and brings light to other corners of the plot, such as why people without training in explosives, who could not detonate a bomb under the high speed train tracks, were able to create 3/11. Of course, they could not, they were simply part of the cover up.

Was the dynamite in the van the same as the dynamite found along the tracks on April 2?

No, the explosive found along the tracks of the high speed train was pure dynamite Goma-2 ECO.

Was the dynamite in the van the same as the dynamite used to blow up the Leganes apartment?

We don't know what it was used in the apartment (and the more we know about that episode, the more frighten we are). Two bodies appeared with bags full of dynamite around their waists, but without detonators.

Occam's razor can work both ways -- sometimes the simplest explanation is a connection.

The problem with 3/11 is that it is anything but simple. Think about the plot as a puzzle with a thousand pieces, with 60% of them still unknown for the Spanish public opinion, in which another 2000 false pieces have been added to deceive. What you've got is a HUGE mess with no solid ground to found your theories. Nothing is simple here, because it was purpousedly made complicated. Nothing is what it seems.

Two points published in Luis del Pino blog recently:

A poll performed among the 3/11 victims that can still give their opinion shows that:

93% ask for unified information channels.

90% of the victims declared not being satisfied at all with the level of information that reaches the public opinion regarding the investigations carried out to clarify the facts relative to the attack, its causes and direct responsables.

77.6% says that the lack of information is a consequence of interference of political interests.

50% blames the closing of the Commission of Investigation of 3/11 for it.

60% of them disagree absolutely with today's antiterrorist policy devoloped by this Spanish government(*)

(*)Despite the fact victims were clearly chosen from blue-collar-worker's suburbs of Madrid, which vote majoritarily for the Socialist party.

In addition, Luis del Pino publishes today that Zougam's (the only alleged direct perpetrator in prison) mobile phone was being tapped even during 3/11 until March 22.

We were told that the Police interrupted it two weeks before the attack and began surveilling his store's telephone instead.

Luis del Pino asks himself if the transcriptions of all these conversations have been added to the summary.

First of all, Joe, thanks very much for your summary. Its not common to find this information in english. It is important that people all over the world know about this important issue. Indeed, in Madrid 3/11 attack, people of many different nationalities were killed, and so, many different governments should claim for justice for their own citizens as the official explanation of the attack is proving to be false. Sooner or later, the media all over the world will have speak about this formidable lie. But, of course, first of all, we must find the truth, and people cooperating in Luis del Pino Blog is making great progress and I'm quite optimistic.

Rory #9
There are a lot of facts that lead us to think that 3/11 has nothing to do with 9/11 or 7/7. As it has been stated in Luis del Pino blog, to begin with,
1)there were no suicide terrorists in Madrid. Quite a difference, dont you think?
2)non-islamic people played an important part in the attack in Madrid(spanish police confidents like Toro or Trashorras, ...)while Al-Qaeda members never get mixed with non-islamic people when plotting their plans.
3)The attack had a clear objective that was to change the electoral results. The terrorist carefully planned the date of the attack, which also shows that they had a deep understanding of the spanish society spirit of the moment. So the ultimate goal was to overturn the election results and lead Zapatero to power. But, do you really think Bin Laden cares about who is running the country, Aznar or Zapatero. I bet he doesnt. 'Cause islamists dont distinguish Aznar from Zapatero, nor Bush from Clinton. Islamists are enemies of them all.
4)The people in Leganes appartments didn't even try to commit suicide while killing as many people as possible. Oddly, the blast happened after the area had been happily evacuated by the police. Suicide is only permited in the islamic religion when it is instrumental in the killing of "enemies"... so, why blast themselves in the rear of the flat? why not to run ahead seaking the police in the stairs and blast themselves as close as posible to them? sorry, I'm afraid that terrorists in Madrid are not of the same kind as the ones in N.Y. or London.

Three terrorist country's within the CEE !

Who was behind the assassination of the Ex-President Muhammad Boudiaf of Algiers on the 29th of June 1992 ?.

Who was behind the assassination of the seven French monks Tibhirines and others religious personalities in Algiers ?.

Who was behind the assassination of the French journalist in the 90’s in Algiers ?.

Who ordered and was behind the hi-jack of the French airplane an Air Bus A300 (Flight 8969) of Air France between Algiers and Marseille on the 24th of December 1994 with the intention of crash-it against the Eiffel Tower in Paris ?.

Who was behind the killings of 9 Spaniards in the 90’s, (2 tourist, Salvador Torrás and Antonia García were assassinated in a luxurious hotel in Atlas Isly near Marrakech in Morocco) 4 monks, 2 sisters were killed on October 23 (María Caridad Álvarez Martín and Esther Paniagua Alonso) and also an industrial business man Manuel López Bailén was shot between Oran and Annaba the 2 of December in Algiers ?.

Who was behind the tentative of a terrorist act against the Los Angeles airport (U.S.A) on the 16.12.1999 ?.

Who was behind the assassinations of 20 Russians civilians workers that were working in the oil industry in Algiers ?.

Who was behind the assassinations of 8 Italians civilians workers that were working in the oil industry in Algiers ?.

Who was behind the rapt and assassinations of the Belgian minors in the 94’s, Julie, Melissa, Anne, Efieu and Loubna Benaissa ?.

These issues were publish a year ago on a Web Site, the Belgian authorities arrested the author of that Web Site for ±75 days under the pretext of (possession of a weapon, when he had that weapon legally for ±13 years), he didn’t change the address of the weapon within the 48 hours after changing his address, a more detailed version of these terrorist issues of the country’s within the European Union is under construction, this is just a pre-view of those issues or see this Web Site: !

Why there’s no reply from: the Belgian Justice Minister, Mme. Laurette Onkelinx, the king of Belgians, Albert II and both of the presidencies of the CEE, the European Minister of Justice, Franco Frattini as you can see for your selves in the precedents articles, they have been all full informed and are very well aware of these issues concerning these terrorist acts on behalf of those country’s members of the CEE ?.

Silence, that means, admitting that those issues are true ?.


Who planned the terrorist acts on the 11/3 in a Madrid train station (Atocha), 191 citizen’s were killed and more than 1.500 were injured in order to gain the control of the Spanish government, this terrorist act was very well planed, in the last transition of the Spanish elections, no matter what surges, the elections can’t be halted, but we know today with certainty who was behind those atrocities !, Eta wasn’t behind, nor Al-Qaida, nor the Moroccans, how can the actual Spanish government in place explained that one of the bombs was placed underneath of one of the trains carriages, who got benefit out of that atrocity, there you have the answer who was behind that terrorist act ?.

That mise-en-scène in London on the 7/7 by the British government was quite a show, there’s no reel proof that 52 civilians were killed, it was a show like the moon landing by the Americans, in reality, they never have landed on the moon, but these issues are very reel in deed, the first country that it’s a terrorist county in the hart of the CEE, that title comes to Belgium, the second title of a terrorist country is attributed to Spain for the mass killings in the Madrid train station (Atocha) and the third country that has join-up the club of terrorist country’s comes to the United Kingdom whit that show in London on the 7th of July 2005, how come that the drivers wind-screen below the blast didn’t even broke-up during the explosion ?.

Quite a show that was, but the facts are there, the Presidencies of the European Union and the European Parliament are very well aware of those issues and yet they hide their heads under the sand like the ostrich does !. As an European citizen, this is unacceptable on behalf of the Institutions of the European Union, the presidencies of both institutions look the other way when they’re in full knowledge of those terrorist issues from behalf of those three country’s members of the European Union.

See the reply’s that I got from both of the institutions of the CEE, is this how Europe it’s going to be constructed ?, with terrorist country’s in their forum !, are the presidencies of these institutions so naïf not to know these issues ?.

The 11/9 issues of the WTC in New York, the four flights, (flight 11), (flight 77), (flight 93) and (flight 175), where went the flight the presume crash in to the Pentagon ?, where went the plane that presumesly crashed into the Pennsylvania forest ?, today seeing is believing, take a look at what’s publish on this Site:, they use explosives "Thermite" (Fe²0³+2AI) this can reach temperatures up to 4.500º F in just two seconds, in the demolition of the twin towers of the WTC this compound was used, a second product was used, (Monten Iron+AI²0³) visible as white smoke, (Fe²0³+2AI+Sulfur) this explosives even produce faster results, how come that the blasts took place also in the basement of those two twin towers ?, the columns of steel were cut in an specific 45º angle, how come that the electricity was turnoff during the week-end before the 9/11 crashes, how come that the dog’s patrols were taken out also before the 9/11 issues, to up-date the twin towers would cost billions of US$, what a nice and quick way to erase and resolve all those problems ?, see the videos that’re posted in that Site above, you’ll then have a better understanding who the real terrorist are today !.

How can the US authorities explain that 110 floors went down in less than 10 seconds ?, it’s a very good question isn’t it, see the issue of the burning of the Windsor Tower in Madrid, that tower has burn for 17 hours, the crane that was installed on the roof-top of the tower, at the end of the fire, she was still standing like if nothing had happened below, so how can it be explained to the whole world that those two twin towers of 110 floors each-one went down in less than 10 seconds ?, those two twin towers were constructed to stand an impact of a Boeing 707, the biggest plane that was in service at the time of construction of those two twin towers, it does not fit, no plane have crashed into the Pentagon, no plane have crashed into the Pennsylvania forest, 25.000 people that were working in those two twin towers, 4.000 Jews were working and yet not a single Jew has parish in those two twin towers, how can the Americans explain the death of only 2.947 persons that have died if those numbers are to be taken into account ?.

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