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Attaboy of the Week: No Gas for You!

The esteemed Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has been untiring and on the mark in his coverage of the organized culture of hatred infecting the Islamic world. It's vitally important reading for anyone who wants to understand what's really going on.

That said, he's also willing to give credit where it's due:

"A Muslim gas station attendant in Brooklyn sold a can of gasoline to a young Bosnian Muslim man - then watched in disbelief as the young man marched across the street and began splashing the gas on a synagogue. Before this freak could set the synagogue ablaze, the attendant called police; and today he is being hailed as a hero."
I should add that the attendant, Syed Ali, also refused to sell the wacko more gas when he returned. Ali was attacked for that refusal, and when he made it he had no way of being sure the guy wasn't armed as well. All things considered, I'd say that "hero" label has some real merit.

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