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French Threat Levels Joke

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The French Government, taking a page from our own Department of Homeland Security has established internal threat levels. Unlike the USA, the French only have four such levels. They are, from low to high: RUN, HIDE, SURRENDER, and COLLABORATE.

On Saturday, in light of the Madrid bombing, France has raised its terror alert level from "RUN" to "HIDE."

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Tracked: July 8, 2005 10:25 PM
Excerpt: In reading a Le Monde article about the London bombings, I came across the news that the French are elevating their alert status to red. The French system is called (I'm not kidding) Vigipirate and was introduced in 1978. Here's...


Wow, that's insightful.

It works better without the second paragraph, obviously.

I guess ours our Low, Guarded, Elevated, High, and Losing By 12 Points With Two Weeks Until The Election.

You'v forgotten the "greenest" level in the French threat scale- "Strike."

If I might add a level on the top, CONVERT has the same joke here:

Perhaps a fifth level of "convert" should be added

First level = Trash U.S.
Last level = Trash U.S.


The key response to threats in continental Europe, and not just for the French, is not "run, hide, surrender" or "collaborate" but now: "Kill them, not me!" I call it the 1984 effect.

The Jews and you Americans get to be "them" for this purpose.

The more the continental Europeans feel fear, and the more they choose weakness, sterility and cowardice, the more hatred and vilification they will pour upon you, because your foulness is the reason that you not they should be killed. That is all-important to them.

I would like to see the funny side of this. But I don't see one.

Know the French - as Europe's and Western civilization's premier champions and lovers of all things institutional elitist-perfectionist, like any good Lefty since government/bureacracy/state can NOT, NEVER be wrong, EVER, institutions- and institutionalist-loving France can NOT be, ergo its the the rest of the world thats wrong! Too bad Rommel , his 7th Panzer, and the knowingly non-perfectionist, "all-things-potato-and-flavorless-loving" German Wehrmacht wasn't intimidated by French egoism to preclude defeating France - all things equal, I've always wondered if the root cause of historical Franco-German conflict was due to a mutual lack of hot peppers and spices in their national cuisines!

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