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India, Russia in Negotiations re: Next-Generation Fighter

MiG 1.44 MFI
(click to view full)

From India's point of view, a firm development agreement that helps finance Russia's next-generation plane is one way to restrict Russian cooperation with China along similar lines. See Vijiander K Thakur's "Understanding IAF interest in the MiG fifth generation fighter" for more on the proposal to cooperate with MiG. Even so, India's procurement history is full of dead-ends and "almost weres" - which is why the March 1, 2007 "Advanced Combat Aircraft" release from India's Minister of State for Defence Production Shri Rao Inderjit Singh means very little at this point:

"The co-development of a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft has been identified as an important area of cooperation between the Indian and Russian governments. Technical discussions to work out the details are in progress. Efforts are on for negotiations and finalization of the draft Inter-Governmental Agreement in this regard."

Which may, or may not, come to funded fruition via Indo-Russian cooperation on a MiG 1.44 (if indeed it was a real project?) or "I-21" type aircraft. Especially given the cost pressures on India's limited defense budget and pressing need to refurbish its existing fleet, modernize its fighters via the MRCA competition, bring the Tejas LCA on line to replace its MiG-21s, and add new platforms to patrol India's vital sea lanes, fulfill naval fighter needs, upgrade its transport aircraft fleet, and extend the IAF's reach. Meanwhile, India's SU-30MKIs remain one of the best 4th generation aircraft in the world, with a comfortable edge over regional rivals, good growth prospects, and superiority over most current and planned US aircraft as well.


Color me unimpressed.

For all the world it looks like the zaftig half-sister of the Eurofighter (doubtlessly abducted by Tartar bandits and sold into servitude to the Boyars...).

As mentioned above, the India has the Su-30; so what do they need a Rusky copy of the Eurofighter for? At best, the Indo-marxists want a new Russian war machine. At worst, the Rusky's want to sucker the Indians into joint project hoping to get a refined version of the current model (with somebody else's funds...) to take back to the Rodina.

We shall see what we shall see...

The Su-30 is not a aircraft to take lightly . Read Air Power Australia and their analysis of the Su-30 it may change your mind.
What i think the article highlights is the strides that the Russians are making in improving their Aircraft.
How does that relate to the US ?
In the F22- F35 debate, which aircraft to by more of. The answer with the improvement of Russia's aircraft becomes obvious, the F22

OK, #3 definitely wins the "weirdest drive-by" award. I'm going to leave it up as an example.

When I want to show people what to not do in a post, this post by wolfpack will be one of the exhibits.


The Russian craft often operate on fields and in conditions the American craft cannot.
They also tend to be less dependent on intricate and delicate systems requiring technical teams needing large amounts of training to maintain them.

For India's purposes the Russian alternative provides a compelling platform.

Just as we in the US are buying Russian Soyuz spacecraft because they fill a need.

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