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Is It Bada**ery? Or Bada**itude? And It Doesn't Matter, Because You'll Cry Anyway.

We saw two films in the last two days, and they couldn't have been more different - although both were just flat excellent.

'Book of Eli' needs no introduction. But we also saw (via streaming Netflix) 'The Way We Get By,' a brilliant documentary about...well about this:

I don't care how much of a badass you are, you'll cry when you see this movie, and then restart it and watch it again because it's simultaneously sad, humane, funny, and affirming. Amazing. rent it, see it, tell your friends.

Then we saw 'Book of Eli' last night. Littlest Guy dragged us there, but after seeing it I'll say that it's a film that I was happy to see on a big screen (even though it was shot with a Red camera and the colors are deliberately skewed). And I'd say it's a film well worth going out and seeing; it works on a bunch of levels - as one of the best post-Apocyolyptic stories I've seen (and, humorously, there was a poster from 'A Boy And His Dog' in one scene) - as a straight-up action film (hence the question in the title of this post...) - and as a genuine parable about faith.

It's been shelled by a lot of the mainstream critics, and I'm honestly not sure why. See it and judge for yourself.

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