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Shooting at Ft Hood SRP Site

I'm here working at Casey Library on post, and we're on lock down as there was a shooting rampage (that's what people are calling it) at the SRP site at the former Sports USA down the street from us. Apparently 7 are dead and 15 injured. They're still trying to catch all the perpetrators. Pray for the victims and their families, please. Story here.

Update: One thing about being on lockdown is I probably know less than people can get from the news. Lots of sirens throughout the day, but we're told to stay inside. More here, including increasing casualty numbers as information gets updated.

I posted this here rather than at my own site because it seemed to make more sense, but no rational reason.

Update II Local newsreader mentioned "chaos" on Fort Hood. I think just a throw-word used regardless of its meaning. Suffice to say there's no chaos: It's like the news people who speak about "people panicing in New York during 9/11". There wasn't really panic - natural fear and people were understandably upset and moving rapidly, but without panic.

There is no chaos here that is detectible, everything is very orderly and people are doing what they need to. The use of the word "chaos" just set me off. There will probably be a lot of bogus descriptions used by the ignorati we rely upon for information.

Now 12 dead, 31 wounded reportedly.

Live Feed here.

Moronic: Drudge currently has this photo up on his front page:

Note that's not an image related to the current event at all; it's a stock photo of the urban warfare training site. I have no idea why he would use that except for pseudo-dramatic effect. That site is nowhere near where the shooting took place and its use gives a misimpression of what's going on.

I don't have any special information, but I can tell something of what isn't accurate.

Update III: 1740 local time (CST) MPs were out with weapons drawn searching all vehicles in the parking lots nearby.


MSNBC says multiple shooters, possible 3.

Stay safe, Porphy...

I don't know what information is filtering in to you, P., but Gen. Cohn just said that one gunman is dead and two others are in custody, and that they expect to give the all-clear shortly.

"The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Malik Nadal Hasan."

ABC News


Too young to be a major? Sergeant Major? Sounds like a typical MSM mistake.

God be with the victims and their families.

As my post above, let's please not go political on this right now. Emotions too many, facts too few.

Do something good instead.


Some sources ID'ing him as a psychiatrist, perhaps this listing at Walter Reed?"

Sympathies to all down there, and hoping the wounded all make it.

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