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The Nub Of What Is Wrong With Modern Liberalism

Here's a Brad De Long comment about Mickey Kaus (from Mickey's site)
When Mickey stops trying to destroy the careers of twenty-something journalists, I'll talk to him...

Until then, I won't - and you shouldn't carry water for him either. He's not a good person. Yours,

Brad DeLong
Not - "he's deeply wrong because," Not even "He's deeply wrong."

"He's not a good person."

Public liberals need to believe they have a better model - not the only model - and that those who disagree are fellow citizens who have different policy positions (and in some cases different values).

And it's not uncommon. Last weekend I was at a party in Manhattan; a room full of nice people and I probably spoke with a dozen of them. Unifrmly liberal - although amusingly when I was critical of the bank bailouts and argued that Obama should have rescued homeowners and banks, not just banks and Wall Street, I was strongly and uniformly criticized. Not one of them was willing to believe that conservatives or Tea Partiers had anything to say, and the feeling was that polite society just didn't listen to anything they had to say.

Get the f**k over yourselves, people.

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