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The Progressive Noise Machine

It's funny, but for all the talk about the 'Right Wing Noise machine' on the 'net, the reality is that the left has far out organized and outplayed the right in the political uses of new media.

Much of that is genuine, a slice of it is deranged, and now we have some evidence that at least a little bit is Astroturf.

Over at the Jawa Report, Rusty Shackleford backtraced an anti-McCain Youtube video and - I think pretty conclusively - linked it to Obama's campaign. I'd love to see the left doing this kind of research as well - I think these kind of actions are questionably illegal and certainly undermine the authenticity of the dialog on the blogs. I'm amused but not surprised that no left-wing blogs are showing up on the Memeorandum cloud around this post.

In 2004, I wrote about the increasing and hidden 'professionalization' of the left-wing blogs, and how for a few hundred grand a year folks like Media Matters managed to have a meaningful impact on our political dialog.

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