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Want To Be Creeped Out??


Read the comments to this WaPo column on Israel-US relations. I need to write about this soon...


Well, a brief cursory look produced this:

Does Diehl remember the rich American Jews who convened a meeting of "world jewery" [sic] and decided to BOYCOTT AND RUIN Germany? In 1938?

For a more nuanced view, I guess one must turn to Stormfront. I hope the Washington Post doesn't have a news helicopter, or they might fly it into an IRS office. Ezra Klein would see the connection right away.

Actual Nazi Foreign Ministry memorandum which cites the 1938 London conference (headed by George Rublee, who was not Jewish).
It includes this quote from Nazi Alfred Rosenberg:

It would be desirable if the friends of the Jews in the world, and particularly in Western democracies, which have at their command so much space all over earth, were to provide the Jews with an area outside Palestine, but of course not in order to set up a Jewish State, but a Reservation for the Jews.

That argument hasn't evolved much in 70 years.

Somebody remind me - What's the rational basis for claiming that Jews should not be allowed to live west of the Jordan river?

I read an editorial on some of this earlier, but can't remember where. Here's some poll data
that was alluded too.

A poll by the daily Yediot Ahronot said that 46 percent of respondents support a construction freeze in East Jerusalem, while the figure from a poll commissioned by Haaretz found support for a freeze at 41 percent.

he Yediot poll found a statistical tie when it asked Israelis about whether Netanyahu or President Barack Obama is to blame for the current crisis. But when Haaretz asked about the US president's treatment Israel, a surprising 69 percent cast it in a positive light. Just over half said it was business-like, 21 percent said hostile, and 18 percent friendly.

Would that be the same Haaretz that presented this poorly disguised propaganda?
“Haaretz Poll: Most Israelis See Obama as Fair and Friendly.”

From the Jerusalem Post:
Ten percent did not know, and 51% defined Obama’s approach to Israel using the Hebrew word “inyani,” which can be translated as “matter-of-fact” or “businesslike,” but not as fair.

I realize this is slightly orthogonal to the discussion, but thought it worth mentioning.

...the Hebrew word “inyani,” which can be translated as “matter-of-fact” or “businesslike,” but not as fair.

That's a really interesting word. It has the denotation of 'businesslike' or 'matter of fact,' but with a connotation that is incompatible with fairness.

I guess the English equivalent would be the phrase, "It's nothing personal -- just business."

Which begs the question, what does "It's nothing personal -- just business." mean in English.

Where I grew up in Howard Beach, Queens the home of the Mafia, its meaning was a lot different then I found it to be in Corporate America or American Politics, for that matter.

Unfortunately for Israel, the present coalition is extremely myopic, to the point of being detrimental to Israeli best interests.

See Aesop's The Frog and the Ox

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