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What's the Price, of the Benefit of Doubt? (Updated)

I used to travel in the same activist circles as Obama, albeit in the Pacific Northwest. For instance, I often went folk dancing with Kathy Boudin in Corvallis, a Weather Underground colleague of Dorhn's who wasn't fortunate enough to have completely escaped incarceration. (When I knew her, she didn't answer to the name "Kathy Boudin," and I never actually saw her crack a smile.) [Note: I am mistaken in identifying Alice Metzinger as Kathy Boudin. She was Katherine Powers, who was equally guilty but who largely escaped consequences (other than her crushing guilt and self doubt.] I don't think there's any doubt that my former friends and associates are mostly supranationalist and anti-American, on pure principle. But I had my doubts even as I attended their meetings, often dominated by Marxists who had never bothered to actually read their own prophet.

And since that time I've noticed the proliferation of some powerful memes in higher education, and from there extending out into the larger society. These include the concept of "diversity," which is now mentioned about 10 times as often as "equality," and a hundred times as often as "liberty," although the sort of diversity referred to demands a shocking ideological uniformity. Moreover, acceptance of the concept of "social justice," which likewise has an inconsistent definition--a semantic trope merging two "positives" (society and justice) to obtain something not half as good but twice as obscure--has now become an article of faith in Schools of Education across the country (the legacy of people like William Ayers), as well as an ideological requirement for an undergrad or graduate degree in Social Work. Most "American Studies" programs, at the university level, wouldn't dream of hiring a professor who wasn't a supranationalist anti-American on pure principle.

So, my worries are the opposite of AL's. I fret that Obama might not be "unelectable... because he hasn't proved to me that he has had the same kind of naked lunch that I experienced when I emerged from my "Alinsky period." And since his association and support of the Marxisant left is so much more recent and vivid than mine it'd be difficult to convince me that his Presidency would not set those obscure values that are at the heart of anti-Americansm, at the very center of our leading institutions. Which is, after all, exactly what Moveon and its sugar daddy, George Soros, want. Even more worrisome, I have no doubt that once this is accomplished the tapestry of Exceptionalist America would unravel. Martin Lipset warned that it could happen, in A Double Edged Sword. We're not immune. What that would mean is unfathomable, but the quantity of Chinese cuisine would probably vastly increase as the quality declined.

Update: OK, my mistake. My former dance partner was not Kathy Boudin, but Katherine Powers... who participated in the murder of a police officer while in the commission of a bank robbery in Brighton in order to supply the Black Panthers. I knew her as Alice Metzinger.

Update 2: Ugh... I also know Power's lawyer Steven Black pretty well, although haven't seen him since the late 1980s. I can understand Barack's dilemma to some extent, but I think I've delineated my allegiances rather convincingly compared to him. And, I'd consider myself nuts to run for public office. Well, outside Oregon anyway.

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