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Winds of War: 2003-02-19


In an effort to bring y'all some of the more interesting pieces out there without cramping the team's style, We've started putting each day's interesting links in one post of short listings. If you think your blog has a worthy post in this area, feel free to let us know and we'll come take a look.

  • Sen. John McCain has some advice for Fiskie Award winner Jimmy Carter. Unlike Chirac's recent outburst, this one is appropriate and backed by a long and wise tradition.

  • Damn, but I wish I could have heard James Earl Jones say this instead of just reading it. What? You mean I can! (warning: sound quality is not great)

  • South Korean legislators are creating a bloc to push for continued US military involvement there. My emotions on hearing this are best described as "mixed". (Hat Tip: Instapundit)

  • John Ringo reports via email that journalists are being integrated with US military units in significant numbers. They were all supposed to go through a form of quickie boot camp, but they're just being sent right out now. Low on time, are we?

  • Tom Holsinger reports via email that the US 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Carson got its deployment orders. Go "Brave Rifles"!

  • Rev. Donald Sensing seems to have found something that unites the religious left and the religious far right: anti-Judaism. The best comparison he can think of was Dr. King's: "Southerners, he said, hated the black race but often loved black individuals. Northerners were affectionate for the race but often despised black persons."

  • For a demonstration of the above, it's hard to find a better example than Edward Said's latest article. NY Daily News has the scoop.

  • Dean Esmay, who spearheaded the "Democracy in Iraq online" campaign last weekend, has a fascinating excerpt from the New York Times (of all places). Seems they asked some Iraqis in Jordan, who don't like the USA, what should happen next. The answer may surprise you.

  • Speaking of campaigns for democracy, congrats to the Oxbloggers on their article in the Wall Street Journal. Student activism as a force for good again? You betcha.

  • Mark Steyn has recovered his form. He says that the curtain will come down on the peaceniks. (Hat Tip: /watch)

  • Dixie Flatline is less temperate. "That is what you support. A real tyrant, not the Hitler-Bush of your late-night dorm-room bull-session fantasies. A real tyrant, real victims. Should you prevail, their blood is on your hands."

  • "Dear marcher, please answer a few questions...." And excellent questions thet are, too. From the Guardian, no less. (Hat Tip: /watch)

  • Tom Friedman: "'s time for the Bush team to shape up dial down the attitude, start selling this war on the truth, give us a budget that prepares the nation for a war abroad, not a party at home, and start doing everything possible to create a global context where we can confront Saddam without the world applauding for him."

  • Sgt. Stryker thinks Turkey's latest actions may be holding things up, but they're not unreasonable. I agree. Still, time is running out... and if a southern-only war results in any kind of serious trouble, the Turks will find that a very precarious economy + US anger is a bad combination.

  • Remember that North Korean ship with the SCUDs on it near Yemen? It stopped off at Germany, then picked up some nerve gas chemicals on its return trip. This isn't an isolated case, either. Tell us again what moral people you are, Chancellor Schroder... (for the full story, click on the "Washington Times" link when you get there)

  • Admiral Stansfield Turner, fmr. Director of Central Intelligence, has some ideas for reforming the intelligence system. Unfortunately, they're structural rather than cultural.

  • Reuters announces loss, plans to cut 3,000 jobs. Obviously, their "management" is finally enjoying the "success" they deserve. Maybe they can find some Saudi "investors" - the ideology already matches.

  • LGF, meanwhile, offers a picture of Saddam Hussein and Jacques Chirac, posing inside the nifty new French nuclear reactor at Osirak. Some things never change. Of course, this was before Col. Ilan Ramon and his Israeli Air Force buddies showed up and took care of business.

  • Speaking of Chirac, his latest bluster isn't going over well. New Europe is even talking back. As for Chirac's outbursts, asks: is that a threat, or a promise?

  • Al-Bawaba has an interesting review of Israel's new Merkava-4 tank. The verdict: it's built for war with Syria.

  • We'll end this one on a bittersweet note today. Sgt. Mom discusses the aftermath of war: the story of her parents' Vietnamese son.


    I figured that Stansfield Turner would get my goat, and here is where the goat bleated:
    "The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard all need their own tactical intelligence functions, but do not need to be part of the larger, strategic intelligence community ..."

    Turner shows in one sentence how he had a culpable role in screwing the pooch in the first place. What is manifestly needed is integration of data gathering on a functional basis, and correlation of analysis. Right now we have duplication of redundant intel satellite systems, and with NMD defense that situation is only going to get worse. Turner's article is last year's wine gone sour six months ago, and being passed off as premier grand cru instead of the vinegar it really is.

    Interesting how people can create conflict by their own hatred, their own sorrows, their own "justifications" realize first that responsiblity like charity begins at home.Theat which is theirs they must OWN. To defend ones view that "BUSH = HITLER" is a pathetic, desperate attempt to build a trojan horse for a failing political idea. that idea fathers liberalism. try a new sword. those policies that cause so much up roar admist the liber thought have done more to protect than to promote. Hatred is a fine ashe lying still, waiting to be kicked up in the confusion. alarming how it never really settles, thereby excusing nothing. Of conseqnce or fear,the brutality of failure is by far the uglier of the two.

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